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44 | Festival » Festival kultura / culture GeorgeDalaras,oneof theall-timegreatestsingers of traditional rebetiko music, is set to perform for the fifth time in Belgrade, a city he loves, in front of an audience that he loves. Hewill perform numerous timeless hits from his more than 40-year-long career, leading us on a journey to Greece through the bouzouki and rebetiko on guitar... We started by asking him what we can expect at Belgrade's Kombank Hall for the opening of the Guitar Art Festival on 17th May… “It’s been a while since our last meeting at the Guitar Art Festival, but the memories are strong and touching. We have a connection with the Serbian audience through the songs. It feels like performing in Greece when I’m in Serbia and I feel happy that Iwill have the opportunity to singmy new songs for the first time in Belgrade. Along with a group of amazing soloists and the wonderful voices of Aspasia Stratigou and Violeta Ikari, we will perform songs I know you have loved through the years, songs of beloved composers I have met through my journey in music, as well as songs of my friend Goran Bregović. This time around, Belgrade is the first stop on a European tour and the first concert at which I will perform new songs.” Where did that love for Serbia come from and do you feel like it has been reciprocated? “I love the Serbian people, your music, your temperament, and Iwas close to you during difficult times. We shared the agony and pain of your people against the war. I feel your love; I feel close to yourmusic. I appreciate the Serbianpeople. You are brave, honest and good friends. Brothers.” You have released 85 solo albums and sold almost 20 million records, which still represents an unrivalled record for music sales in Greece. What do you think George Da l ar as op ens Gu i tar Art F est i va l The king of Greek blues returns to Belgrade I feel like I’m one of you and it feels like you are my people. We have been through moments of joy, as well as moments of great distress and sorrow. Moments like that can never be forgotten Foto: Profimedia.rs / Globe Photos / Zuma Press