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Festival » Festival | 45 is the secret of your success? “There is no secret to this. I have a huge and unrelenting love formusic. I respect theaudienceandstudya lot. I never forget the importance of having amazing soloists and strong musicians on stage.” You’ve sung with the likes of Mikis Theodorakis, Sting, Paco de Lucia, Bruce Springsteen and Goran Bregović… “It was an honour and a pleasure forme tohave collaboratedwith these amazing musicians, legends from different parts of the world. I recently had the opportunity to attend a concert ofmy beloved friend GoranBregović inAthens and it felt like itwas yesterday thatwewere together on stage. But I also feel very happy when I share the stage with new artists, new voices. Thanks to you, the song Mi Mou Thimonis Matia Mou has become one of the most beautiful Greek ballads. Will you sing it for us at the upcoming concert and what does this song mean to you? “I knowyou love this song. I will share a story with you. When I first met Goran in Belgrade, we visited a restaurant and a small group of musiciansplayingwind instruments approached our table and started playing Mi Mou Thimonis Matia Mou. We were all very touched by this moment. I remember this as one of the strongest moments of my life, because I once again had the opportunity to see the value of this unique language of music that unites different people and makes them brothers.” How would you explain rebetiko; what kind of music is it? “Rebetiko, for me, is my roots. My fatherwas anamazingbouzouki soloist and he had a great voice. My first music memories are those songs. It is our heritage, the Greek blues. It ismy story; the story of the suffering homeland since the refugees came fromAsia Minor during the last century and settled inPiraeus andmany other parts of Greece, bringing these amazing songs with them. Rebetiko is a strong part of my life and the life of all Greeks. It is a fact not to be overlooked that, to this day, youngmusicians still get inspired by these songs and composenewsongs basedon this form.” You were born in Athens, a city to which one can always return. Could you reveal to us your favourite places in the Greek capital? “We are very lucky living in Athens, because we have thismiracle called the Acropolis and the new Acropolis museum, which stand as the most powerful cultural monument in the world.There is our sea, the Athenian and Piraeus coastline, the small taverns of Piraeus…” And what about Belgrade? “I’ve been there somany times and collected lots of wonderful memories, from all the theatres, concerts and small performing stages where your musicians play the wonderful traditional songs of Serbia. I always remember the huge park above the river where outdoor chess tournaments take place (Kalemegdan), your magical bookshops that hide treasures and the story of a great nation.” Have you flown with our national airline and what were your impressions? “Of course, I’ve flown with Air Serbia and was absolutely satisfied in all aspects.” Čuveni grčki pevač održaće veliki koncert 17. maja u Kombank dvorani na otvaranju 23. Gitar art festivala This famous Greek singer will hold a major concert on 17th May at Kombank Hall to mark the opening of the 23rd Guitar Art Festival