20 | Muzika » Music INTERVJU / INTERVI EW MAR KO LOU I S , MUS I C I AN I find freedom inmy soul and my thoughts Everything is music for me. We breathe rhythmically, talk in intonations and socialise in harmony. I can't imagine life without music, because such a life could not exist He’s beenengaged inmusic for as long as he can remember. As the son of the legendary Ljubiša Stojanović ‘Louis’, he started playing percussion and drums as a little boy, when he was just five. He continued his father's tradition of combining western pop culture with the traditional sounds of this region. And he succeeds in doing so every time, regardless of whether he’s writing for himself or creating through collaborations with other musicians. His music represents an incredible fusion of styles, and his latest album, Sloboda [Freedom], resonateswith shamanic rhythms. Itwas released in the midst of the pandemic and general lockdown, so we start by asking him whether that was a cry for freedom or whether it implies that we’re free regardless of the circumstances under which we find ourselves? “Throughout the entire situation, the album’s name and pulse gained another dimension. And it was created before all of this evenhappened.The actual song Sloboda was written in the middle of 2019, but I’m sure everyone has started thinking about freedom during this past year and a half. I try not to find freedom in the material world, because I believe we lost it there long ago. I seek and find freedom in my feelings, in my soul and in my thoughts.” You experimented slightly more on this album. Which musical spheres did you want to explore and where did the inclusion of shamans come from? “I’m constantly exploring and experimenting. That was no less or more the case working on Sloboda. I allow myself to be inspired by everything I come across, what I hear, see and feel. I like it the most when something or someone takesme out ofmy comfort zone and when I integrate some elements that I might not be accustomed to into the sound. The sound and music of shamanic rituals inspired me when I heard electronic music that contained shamanic elements.That rhythm provided the pulse for this album.” And the song Vranjanka [lady from Vranje] also got a new makeover, with a really beautiful cover. Why Jelena in particular? “It was an honour for me to have the opportunity to cover one of the most beautiful compositions from our region, which was written by legendary songwritMarkov sin Dima po ceo dan svira udaraljke, bubnjeve, duva u trubu i frulu... On je već muzičar Marko’s son Dima, plays percussion and drums all day long, blowing the trumpet and flute... He is already a musician