Music » Muzika | 21 er Dragan Toković. I managed, together with arrangement author Tihomir Radić, to infuse it with a modern sound, but for its roots to still be heard and felt. I like performing it live even more, because it then gains some additional strength and energy.” You continued your father's tradition of combining western pop with the traditional sound of the Balkans. Are you managing to carry on his legacy? “I’m often asked that. I’ve never burdened myself with whether I’m carrying on his legacy or I’m stuck in his shadow. I’m infinitely proud of him, proud to be his son. He left behind great energy.” Which of your father’s music lessons do you remember? What do you miss the most? “Idon't remembermusic lessons thatmuch. I learned more about being a merchant from him. I would love to hear what he thinks of my songs. I'm sure he would be very proud. I miss him being there.” You’ve collaborated with many artists around the entire region. Do you have some favourite duet and do you plan to work with some artists again? Voliš li da letiš Er Srbijom? – Mnogo volim da letim u avionima Er Srbije i uživam u njima. Nekako je to uvek bila posebna stvar za mene. Ta energija na aerodromu, ljudi koji prate ili dočekuju svoje najmilije, kolege, prvi susreti... U avionu je uvek nešto posebno. Dok letim, najčešće čitam časopis i slušammuziku. Mada je najslađe kad zaspiš, a nisi to planirao! DO YOU LIKE FLYINGWITH AIR SERBIA? “I really love to fly and enjoy myself on Air Serbia planes. Somehow that was always a special thing for me. That energy at the airport, people sending off or welcoming their loved ones, colleagues, first encounters etc. Being aboard a plane is always something special. While flying, I most often read a magazine and listen to music. Although the sweetest thing is when you fall asleep and didn't plan to! “I’m working on a new album that will also include wonderful collaborations. I’m always on the hunt for artistswho inspireme. I would like to record something with Josipa Lisac. I'm sure that would result in something interesting. She is so true to herself and specific. On the other hand, I would also like to collaborate with artists from India and Arabic countries.” If you had unlimited choices, which artist - living or dead - would you most like to sing with? “I would say Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, because they were my role models. I perhaps have an even greater desire to collaborate with Xavier Naidoo. He is a German soul and R&B singer. He has had a great influence onmy music and interpretation. I would love to do something with him or for him.” Will the Stojanović family gain another musician? Would you like your son to follow in the footsteps of you and his grandfather? “My son, Dima, plays percussion all day long, on drums, on tables, on himself, blowing the trumpet and flute... He is already a musician. I want him to do whatever he wants, and he’ll always have my support.”