Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 49 na je ispod na osnovu primera za povratni let na relaciji Beograd–Podgorica: Struktura cena Direktni kanali* Drugi kanali Tarifa 57,00 57,00 Obavezne takse u avio-saobraćaju 40,38 40,38 Taksa za troškove distribucije 0,00 8,00 Uslužna provizija 0,00 10,00+ Ukupno 97,38 115,38 Razlika 18,00+ Sve cene su u evrima. * Direktni prodajni kanali odnose se na veb-sajt, aplikaciju zamobilne uređaje, kontakt-centar Er Srbije i poslovnice Er Srbije. THE OVERALL OBJECTIVES OF THE NEWSTRATEGY will be for the Serbian national airline to establish more direct contact with its passengers and to offer them the best possible prices via its direct sales channels, whiA I R SE R B I A ANNOUNCES NEW COMME RC I A L ST R AT EGY TICKETSMOST AFFORDABLE THROUGH AIR SERBIA SALES CHANNELS Air Serbia is set to introduce a new global commercial strategy for the upcoming summer schedule season, which begins on 28th March 2021. ch include the airserbia.comwebsite, the airline‘s new application for mobile devices and ticket purchases via the Contact Centre or at Air Serbia retail outlets. Aligned with the practises applied by the world‘s largest carriers, the new strategy will also ensure a more even distribution of the costs of services in the ticket sales chain, as well as the opportunity to inform passengers quickly and directly in the case of any scheduling changes. “The new strategy brings Air Serbia closer than ever to its passengers. Our passengers will always experience the best pricing by shopping for travel directly with Air Serbia, which will not necessarily be available with other shopping outlets that market Air Serbia flights. In order to catch the offered value and achieve the beneficial pricing, please make sure your booking is made directly with Air Serbia, either by you or by your travel planning provider,” said Jiri Marek, Air Serbia General Manager, Commercial and Strategy. From the beginning of the restoring of air traffic in May 2020 until the end of December last year, 47% of the total number of sold air tickets were purchased through Air Serbia‘s direct channels, i.e. through the website, mobile application, Contact Centre and Air Serbia retail outlets, representing an increase of 52% compared to the same period of 2019. Major contributors of the direct channel growth include online sales, along with the recent introduction of the mobile application and the continuous improvement of the national airline‘s website. The growth trend of online sales is supported by the fact that it is a contactless and secure model, which make it particularly suitable under the current circumstances of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Passengers can purchase tickets using airserbia. com, the Air Serbia mobile application or via the Air Serbia Contact Centre, by calling 0800 111 528 fromSerbia or +381 11 311 21 23 from abroad. Tickets can also be purchased at Air Serbia‘s retail outlets in Belgrade, including Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 17 (open weekdays from 8am to 8pm) and Jurija Gagarina 12 (open weekdays from9am to 5pm), as well as at the airline‘s retail shop at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (open daily from 4am to 1am). The table included here shows the value of shopping directly with Air Serbia, providing the example of a round trip between Belgrade and Podgorica: Price structure Direct channels* Other channels Fare 57.00 57.00 MandatoryAviation Taxes 40.38 40.38 DistributionCost Fee 0.00 8.00 Service Fee 0.00 10.00+ Total 97.38 115.38 Difference 18.00+ All prices are expressed in EUR. *Direct sales channels refer to the website, the Air Serbia application for mobile devices, the Air Serbia Contact Centre and Air Serbia retail outlets. Najbolje moguće cene na veb-sajtu airserbia. com, mobilnoj aplikaciji, putem kontakt centra ili u poslovnicama Er Srbije The best possible prices for ticket purchases are via the website, mobile application,the Contact Centre or at Air Serbia retail outlets