| 87 In the old town, you can expect the atmosphere of an Italian Mediterranean city with a rich past U starom gradu vas očekuje atmosfera italijanskog mediteranskog mesta bogate prošlosti Whenyouhaveafusioninyour loveof art,writingandcreative expression, and you’re alsoagraduatearthistorian like Aleksandar Lambros, Nice is the right choice for life. According to his advice, the best place to embark on your adventure is where everything starts in Nice, the PromenadedesAnglais, theEnglishpromenade. Ashesays, just acoupleofmiles fromthere, providedweather conditions are good, it’s easytoseewhytheCôted’Azurgot itsname. “Whenyouheadaway fromtheclassic tourist trips, Francewill swimto the surface in all its glory. This is an incredibly beautiful city, in an incredibly beautiful place. It’s beside the sea, while in the hinterland behind are the Alps, and during winter you can drive an hour and a half to reach some of France’s famous ski resorts. The climate is excellent, winters aremild and summers aren’t unbearablyhot evenwhen temperaturesareattheirhighest.ByMay, for instance, you can already bathe in Antibes and from thebeachenjoyviewsof the snow-capped peaks behind Nice. This is a city where you can let yourself wander aimlessly through its streetsandtohaveabeautiful time.You’ll remember itwithout evenvisitinganymuseum or exalted tourist attraction.” In the old town, says Aleksandar, you canexpecttheatmosphereofanItalianMediterraneancitywitharichpast.All thatkitschy Italian baroque is visible inmany churches and chapels, colourful little marketplaces and a ower market. And in the modern city is theFrenchsenseof joiedevivre,with themost beautiful viewof thecity fromthe hill of Mt. Boron. “The advantage of Mont Boron is the factthat,apartfromhavingononesideviews of thewholeofNiceas thoughon thepalm of your hand, to theother side you canalso see the Bay of Villefranche and the peninsula of Saint Jean Ferrat. And that’s a view worth remembering. For thosewith less tness, there’s the hill of the ancien chateau (the old castle, a former medieval forti cation), around which the old city gradually descends. The view of the city is magni - cent, extending all the way to the airport, which has a runway built literally over the sea. Moreover, during summer, the waterfall at the top provides nice refreshment. If you want to bathe, you simply must visit the beaches Plages Fosses on Saint-JeanCap-Ferrat, PlagedePassable, alsoonSaintJean-Cap-Ferrat, the nudist beach in Capd’Ail and Les Sablettes Beach in Manton, immediately beside the Italian border, because the old town of Manton that it backs onto has a genuinely magical and romantic ambience.” If you’re unable to nd an available table inoneof the restaurants andcafés (Nice is visitedbyaround fourmillion tourists annually), don’t despair, because you can always head to the rocks of the Cap de Nice, where, according to Aleksandar, you can watch unbelievably beautiful sunsets. All you need to do is select the right wine and good cheese in one of the many shops. If youdohappen toget luckywitha table, be suretotrysomeof thecity’s local specialities. “Soccaiskindofsavourypancakemade fromchickpeas thatgoeswellwithaglassof chilled rosé. The pan bagnat sandwich is a trueexplosionof avoursconsistingofbread soaked inoil, tomatoes, onion, boiledeggs, rawbellpeppers, tunaorsaltedsardines.You will enjoy yourself, whatever you order.”