76 | / 6. EPANOMI BEACH There is an enormous selection of beaches in the vicinity of Thessaloniki, but the one that’s even preferred by the locals is Epanomi, located some 35 km away. This beautiful, unusual beach, which is also known as Fanari or Faros, is characterised by an extremely clean and shallow sea, but also an incredible sandbank that’s a special attraction. This beach is completely natural and wild. However, if you’re keen for some “civilisation”, the good news is that the long, landscaped Potamo Beach is in the immediate vicinity. Greeks also claim that pink amingos gather around the nearby saltwater pools here each spring. 7. ZEITENLIK It is said to be the duty of every Serb to visit Zeitenlik during their lifetime – the sacred site that’s the nal resting place of 6,580 fallen Serbs who gave their lives for our freedom. This Allied military cemetery also includes the graves of French, Russian, Italian and British ghters, while the entire complex extends over an area of 7,000 square metres and is adorned with cypress trees from Holy Mount Athos, marble crosses and a Mausoleum with chapel and ossuary. It was once just a wasteland area in the vicinity of Thessaloniki where olive oil, or zeiten, was sold, hence the name Zeitenlik. Interestingly, one of the symbols of this memorial complex for decades was the charming Đorđe Mihailović, a Serbian man who was the devoted keeper of this cemetery, but also relayed valuable testimonies about the courage of the Serbian soldiers to all interested tourists. His place was taken over in 2015 by Kraljevo native Predrag Nedeljković. 8. LITOCHORO AND DION Less than 100 kilometres fromThessaloniki is the vibrant small town of Litochoro, which dates back to the 14th century and represents the main starting point for conquests of the mountain of the gods - Olympus. Nearby are the Bath of Zeus and Aphrodite’s Baths - both places where legend has it that Zeus bathed. Nine kilometres from Litochoro you are awaited by the ancient Dion, once the scared site of the Ancient Macedonians. It is today an archaeological site where numerous performances and concerts are held each August in a theatre that dates back to antiquity and is a real attraction. 9. GARDENS OF PASHA The Gardens of Pasha is a forgotten green oasis near the Ano Poli Quarter, and even Thessaloniki natives claim that it’s the most unusual place in the city. The park is full of unusual, half-destroyed stone monuments, which momentarily resemble the style of Spanish architect Gaudi. Several theories about the history of this place also exist – one of which claims that it was a meeting place or temple of initiation for Ottoman masons, while others believe that the park was created by Sephardic Jews, but the most logical explanation is that this park was conceived as a place of enjoyment and relaxation. 10. SHOPPING PARADISE Thessaloniki also shouldn’t be overlookedwhen it comes to a paradise for shopaholics – here youwill nd interesting shops on every corner, o ering unusual souvenirs or handicrafts, delicious sweets and aromatic spices. It is especially interesting for tourists from Serbia, as there are numerous brands that have yet to break onto the Serbianmarket, available at very reasonable prices. Practise has shown that the shopping centres are best for major purchases, while the recommendation is to focus on the“Cosmos”shopping centre, where youwill nd theworld’s top fashion brands at affordable prices, as well as Jumbo, which o ers various household items and children’s toys at the lowest prices in the region. . PAŠA PARK Paša park je zaboravljena zelena oaza u blizini kvarta Ano Poli, a čak i rođeni Solunjani tvrde da je to najneobičnije mesto u gradu. Park je pun neobičnih, napola uništenih kamenih spomenika, koji na trenutka podsećaju na stil španskog arhitekte Gaudija. Postoji i nekoliko teorija o istoriji ovog mesta – jedna od njih je da je bila mesto sastanka ili hram inicijacije otomanskih masona, drugi veruju da su park stvorili Jevreji Sefardi, ali ipak najlogičnije objašnjenje je da je ovaj park bio zamišljen kao mesto za uživanje i relaksaciju. . ŠOPING RAJ Solun nije za odbacivanje kada je reč o raju za šopoholičare – u njemu ćete na svakom ćošku pronaći interesantne prodavnice sa neobičnim suvenirima ili rukotvorinama, te sa ukusnim slatkišima i mirisnim začinima. Posebno je interesantan našim turistima, s obzirom na to da su ovde dostupni i brojni, veoma povoljni brendovi koji u Srbiji još nisu zaživeli. U praksi se pokazalo da su najbolji za velike kupovine tržni centri, a preporuka je da se fokusirate na šoping mol Cosmos, gde ćete naći najveće svetske modne brendove po pristupačnim cenama, kao i Jumbo, koji po najnižim cenama u regionu nudi različite kućne potrepštine i igračke. iStock / Arsty iStock / tekinturkdogan