Interview » Intervju | 45 student days. When he is not on stage, he enjoys his family home beside the Danube in Čortanovci, where he most enjoys fishing. And when he desires to spend time out of Serbia, he most enjoys travelling by plane, and is hoping to fly to New York soon. What new roles are you preparing to play? “I will soon performat the YugoslavDramaTheatre in the tragicomic play The Vast Domain, by writer Arthur Schnitzler. I play an industrialist who always has mistresses and who discovers that his wife is cheating on him, and that’s where the story entangles. The play is very contemporary, despite being writtenmuch earlier. I also expect the resumption of filming for the series Secrets of the Vine and Kalkan Circles in 2021.” How much has the pandemic changed your working habits and rhythm? “Evenduring 2020 I worked almost thewhole time, except during lockdown, but nothingwas normal. However, we actors are like athletes and it’s key for us to maintain our form, alongside the skill of adapting to unforeseen circumstances.” Do you see yourself in your roles? “I try to recall what I felt like at the moment I played that character. I know what I was like on stage and am my own biggest critic. I most often seek out my own flaws. I try to remember when I solved some role if I encountered some problem with it. But TV and film roles are already far from me when they are shown and I’m dedicated to the present. I also happily hear the opinions of people close to me.” VOJ I N ĆE T KOV I Ć, ACTOR Therewere roles that changed everything When I was younger, I believed that some role belonged to me, and I didn’t get it. That was a mistaken and impetuous attitude, because it would later be shown that it was a good thing that I didn’t act in something. That which I performed belonged to me, the other roles didn’t Sincemaking his premiere acting performance as a teenager, he says in theKruševac amateur Theatre ZA, Vojin Ćetković has put his personal signature onmany high-quality roles for theatre, TV and film. He is among the most famous and most heavily engaged domestic names in the acting profession, which he describes as passion, training, constant reconsiderations and growth. It was also in the world of this art that he found his greatest emotional love and friends, who have been strong reflective indicators and sources of support since his