INTERVJU / INTERVI EW 28 | Intervju » Interview “The pandemic was raging in front of the doors, while we were in the studio, doing what we normally do, with the added obligation of getting tested every morning. And throughout the entire shoot we were actually aware that the first season had predicted the epidemic in its own way... The view of a huge city with empty streets looked really weird. But it’s not so weird anymore, right? So, how did that first season predict something that many people had no idea would happen? None of that’s strange if you recall that Wells did it in his novel more than a century ago. He said - here are the facts of history, here’s where we are as humans. Here’s technology, here’s our fragility. I’ll write a story that contains all these things. And it does. Because, you know, whatever comes won’t be guys with antennae on their heads. The aliens have already landed. They are here and we can see them. The aliens are a metaphor for everything we fear.” Is there a way for us to survive the end of the world? “When Wells wrote his novel, it was a kind of warning about all the great wars that would follow in the first half of the 20th century and which almost brought the planet to the end of the world. It seems that renewed interest in these topics can be interpreted through a certain symbolismand fear of what might be awaiting us in the future. The “war of the worlds” has already begun for me. And has done so in our world.” Do you believe that cinematography and art are capable of conveying human ideas and influencing society? “Yes, I believe that. Art has the power to reach people emotionally, and when you are emotionally drawn into something, you are conscious of it in a very deep way. Charles Dickens wrote those incredible novels, but he also wrote about social conditions. He wrote about the exploitation of children and that changed the way society began to think. Of course, all these ingenious novels, plays and films change the way people think. And they do so in a positive way, but also in a negative way. Art is that powerful, and its degradation, just like the degradation of the intellect, are today’s alien invasion crisis that we’re trying to deal with. That is our war.” What did you learn from your character in this series? “I learned that you always have to go further. You have to keep walking, you can’t give in to despair, hopelessness, helplessness. I learned that from him. And a little action is better than surrender. Look at this pandemic. On the one hand, we feel powerless and scared, while on the other hand we’ve invented a vaccine. And so hope always exists. And I also learned that.” Do you believe that we’re not alone? “Do I believe in men with antennae on their heads that come down in flying saucers? No. Do we know anything about the gigantic cosmos beyond ourselves? No. Do real people sit there, smoking pipes and watching television? I don’t think so. Is there energy that we still don’t understand? Some life? I don’t know the answer to that. Are there much scarier and more important things in the world than that? Absolutely yes!” Da li verujem u muškarce sa antenama na glavama koje se spuštaju u letecim tanjirima? Ne Do I believe in men with antennae on their heads that come down in flying saucers? No