Interview » Intervju | 27 Astronomers discovered a signal from another galaxy that provides irrefutable proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Populations around the world are eagerly awaiting the next contact. But not for long. In just a few days, aliens almost wipe human civilisation fromthe faceof Earth. In a terribly desertedworld, only traces of humanity remain. As the aliens hunt and kill everything in front of them, the survivors are left with the most important question: who are these attackers and why are they determined to destroy us? It turns out that they could be human beings. A difficult battle is being prepared to restore control of the planet… And what will happen next? You’ll have to discover that in the second season of the award-winning and highly-rated series War of the Worlds, which arrives on Fox Television in June. This is yet another successful adaptation of H.G. Wells’ timeless 1898 novel, whichwas first turned into a film in themid 20th century. Steven Spielberg dusted offhis classic science fictionwork and renewed it as a feverish thriller about an invasion fromspace 50 years later, only for the story to get its own TV adaptation in the series that delighted the world in 2019. The story is set in France and the UK and represents amodern, unhindered interpretation ofWells’ novel. TheWar of theWorlds has attracted attention since the book was first published. We shouldn’t forget the radio broadcast directed and performed by Orson Welles, which turned one Halloween, way back in 1938, into panicked fleeing from a non-existent alien invasion, so it’s no wonder that the series also achieved incredible success. It is broadcast in more than 50 countries and in the UK has been rated as one of the best since 2012, all of which provide great reasons to talk to fantastic actor, screenwriter, director and producer Gabriel Byrne. Althoughwe loved him inMiller’s Crossing, cheered for him in The Usual Suspects, and fell slightly in love with him in Stigmata or the fantastic TV series In Treatment, on this occasionwe are discussing War of the Worlds. And everything that this story metaphorically represents… “The end of the world, like any other deadly situation, returns humanity to its basic state. It’s up to us whether we’ll fight with intellect or instincts, and which of our two sides will secure survival. This is precisely the key idea that War of the Worlds speaks to us about. The second season was filmed during the pandemic. How did that “war” impact on you? The war of the worlds has already begun for me, and this series is more than a tale of aliens. That’s just a reminder of all the existing problems that are already leading us to certain doom. We are currently aliens on our home planet Ja samosoba koja razmišlja o svetu, ali nisamHamlet koji se neprestano pita – biti ili ne biti. Volimda rad na setu bude lagan i da bude zabavan I’m a person who thinks about the world, but I’m not Hamlet who constantly asks himself - to be or not to be. I like work on set to be easygoing and to be fun