Pierre Cardin » Pjer Karden | 59 collection elevated him to the top of the fashion Pantheon. He gathered the seam, playedwith the silhouette and created the “balloon” dress. Next came collections in which he played with lengths and shapes never previously seen in fashion, creating dresseswith asymmetrical edges, adding pompoms that hang down to the floor over amini skirt, triangular jackets with an opening for the face, as well as the craziest hats and caps. After visiting the NASA Space Center, where he had the opportunity to try on an astronaut‘s suit, his obsessionwith geometry continued, but a love for outer space also ignited within him, bringing a new element to his work. Designs inspired by the cosmos and his love of futurismwere visualised through space helmets that began appearing on the catwalk. Butterflies represent another inescapable element of his creative work. We would still wear his large-sleeved dresses with slits even today, and the influence of Japan can also be recognised in his distant inspiration. Alongside his unbridled imagination, he also had a talent for business. Once he‘d got his haute couture house on its feet, he quickly turned to amore lucrative source of income with the promoting designer clothing, i.e. designs that were more accessible to a wider circle of consumers. We shouldn‘t forget that back in the 1950s this was something new and courageous, or we could even say revolutionary. His brand found its way onto almost everything that brought money, from furniture and accessories, to cigarettes and food. He conquered the world, as he himself once announced. This innovator and fearless, avant-garde designer was the first to present a fashion collection on Moscow‚s Red Square, back in1991, while he also conquered the markets of China and Japan. He was among the first, back in 1994, to present his collection to just a small circle of clients and journalists. And a brief overview of his creative work reminds us that, in fashion, everything has already been seen and the future lies in new materials, 3D printers and deconstruction. And we are left with Pierre Cardin as an inexhaustible source of inspiration… Ko je bio Pjer Karden Rođen je 2. 7. 1922. u severnoj Italiji, u blizini Venecije. Porodica je emigrirala u Francusku, pa je detinjstvo proveo u Sen Etjenu. Sa 17 godina bio je šegrt kod krojača i specijalizovao se za ženska odela. Počeo je da studira arhitekturu u Parizu 1944, ali je karijeru ipak nastavio u modnim kućama. WHOWAS PIERRE CARDIN? Born 2nd July 1922 near Venice in northern Italy, his family’s emigration to France meant that he spent his childhood in Saint-Etienne. At the age of 17 he became a tailor’s apprentice and specialised in women’s suits. He began studying architecture in Paris in 1944, but nonetheless continued his career in fashion houses. Cilindri, cevi, federi... Sve uglavnom u jarkimbojama Cylinders, pipes, springs... Everything is generally in bright colours