| 91 MilenaandIvanAjdačić, amarried couple and travel bloggers who touredmore than 50 countries andvisited286 cities in just over a decade, just over two years ago received the sweetest anddearest travel partner. Their daughter, So ja, joined her parents in touring the world, so she can now boast of having seen 61 cities in 21 countries. They succeeded in combining their professional, private and parental obligations, and today they are goingaroundtheworldTamoVamo (HereThere), which is the name of their blog. They say that this adventure, which has already lasted for 12 years, started with their rst excursion as students. They began travelling at the very start of their studies – to Italy, Spain and France. And they still haven’t stopped... “After somany years of travelling and being in a relationship, we know exactly what we want, what makes us feel good, and what doesn’t. We carry with us a lot of love and patience, in order for our journeys to be as pleasant and simple as possible. The most important thing for us is that we have passports and money, and we cope easily with the rest.” Although their schedule is packed, alongside all of their private and professional obligations, they set aside virtually all weekends and days o for travel. “When it comes to the organising of time, wewill give the example of 2018.We had available 52 weekends, 7 non-working days in addition to weekends and 25 free days. We never take days o unless we’re travelling. We try to maximally utilise our non-working days andweekends. We’ve so far managed to coordinate all obligations – everything’s possible with good organisation and desire.” OH, THAT FONDUE One visit to Switzerland was enough for them to literally fall in love with it, because it is by far the best-organised country they’ve ever seen. “Everything is in the sign of mountains, lakes and national parks; there’s no passivity, the people are energetic, active... But fondue... Oh, that famous fondue. The Walliser Kanne Restaurant justi ed all of our expectations, both due to its traditional look and due to the excellent food and views from the restaurant. The fondue that we tried there blew us away with an explosion of avour, but we nevertheless decided to come alone the next time, because So ja did not like the smell of the “food for mice”, as she said. Next time we will eat fondue in the company of a good bottle of wine instead of her,” laugh the Ajdačićs. So a really loves her passport, and on the last few trips she’s come to understand its function, so she hands it over to o cials at borders herself Sofija mnogo voli svoj pasoš i na poslednjih nekoliko putovanja je shvatila koja mu je funkcija, pa ga na graničnim kontrolama sama predaje službenicima SAD / USA Egipat / Egypt