92 | / Their love of travel and desire to offer So a experiences that will last a lifetime are stronger than common admonitions that such a life rhythm perhaps isn’t healthy for a child’s upbringing. Her parents say that So ja enjoys traveling because they are all together and she has their full attention, which is most important. “So ja still isn’t aware of the speci c destinations that we visit, but she feels whenwe’re happy and excited, andwhen we share that with her. It brings us joy to prepare new experiences for her, new scents and tastes, various faces, di erent environments. She has made friends fromJapan and China, via Egypt, to Cuba, America and Peru. She ts in easily everywhere and for here there are no borders.” This little girl really loves her passport, and on the last few trips she’s come to understand its function, so she hands it over to o cials at borders herself. “She’s very self-important at those moments. For us, those scenes are simultaneously hilarious and precious.” However, taking care of a little child while travelling isn’t always easy. Milena says that thosewho have doubtsmost often ask - and what’s the worst that could happen? “Once you visualise the worst situations, it’s easier to traverse them if they arise. People also realise that they often worry unnecessarily. The most common question is what if the child becomes ill? So what if you get sick at home? You’ll take the child to the doctor. People live everywhere and those people have children and somehow they treat them. We try to strengthen immunity prior to travelling withmultivitamins and probiotics. We always carry a travel pharmacy kitwith us, for minor problems. Good organisation is half the job when it comes to travelling with children, and care is the same as it is at home – it’s just that the locations are more exotic. Airports are the least problem, because they are almost always well equipped and have areas for the care and entertaining of children. A problem arises when a nappy needs to be changed somewhere in the middle of the street, which is when you need to be a magician. That was also tougher for us in the beginning, but over time those things have become routine and don’t pose a problem whatsoever.” When touring destinations, they like to give themselves to the moment, but also to listen to what local guides have to say. They tour the most famous attractions, but choose more tranquil local variants for respite. They determine what mustn’t be missed, while for the rest they allow the cities themselves to carry and lead them. “The most striking for us was the island of Saint John, which belongs to the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is the epitome of a tropical paradise – turquoise waters, the nest white sand, palm trees and nobody anywhere around. However, our favourite city is NewYork, because we’ve spent a lot of time there, havemany nicememories and happily return.” Bračni par travel blogera je za nešto više od jedne decenije obišao 50 država i posetio 286 gradova The married couple and travel bloggers who toured more than 50 countries and visited 286 cities in just over a decade Kina / China Japan Austrija / Austria