Fashion » Moda | 69 DOLCE & GABBANA The sweet life of virtual fashion Each collection of fashion duo Dolce & Gabbana visually invites one on an exciting journey through Italy. Whilst viewing the designs you will feel the spirit of Portofino, Capri, Sorrento, the wonderful villages of the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Venice or Lake Como Although they have several lines, their artistic expression runs through every collection and season, fromready towear designs to the latest limited collection of haute couture (AltaModa). eir pencil draws sketches that give birth to designs that celebrate Italy’s rich heritage loudly and proudly. e point of embarkation for every collection is a picturesque Italy in various periods or moods. Cathedrals, mosaics, frescoes, lifestyle, cheerful polka dots, famous Italians, pizzas, spaghetti, cannoli or juicy citrus fruits, for them everything is inspiring and there is room for everything in the design. ey say of themselves that they built their fashion on three principles - Sicily, good cuts and tradition. ey create a timeless, romantic style, with clothes in which you can feel and dream the Italian dream. ey’ve never flirted with avant-garde, while they desire to be understood. Confronted by the global pandemic, instead of the practise to date of showing their designs at luxurious Italian locations, they combinednew technologies and an old approach, as in everything they do. e show of their new 2020 collection, without an audience, was filmed at a luxury villa inMilan, with the film released on their website. e new Alta Moda, called the “La bella vita” collection, is light, colourful and airy. It includes embroidery, prints and details inspired by the flowers of Italian gardens, the picturesque frescoes of Renaissance villas overlooking the Mediterranean, characteristicmaiolica pottery and the distinctive citrus fruits of the island of Capri. e leitmotif of each of their collections includes relaxed, fluttering silhouettes, elegant caftans, kimonos, airy blouses and pants, and light silk dresses that are reminiscent of the luxurious life of stars. Katedrale, mozaici, vesele tufne, poznate Italijanke, pica, špageti, kanoli ili sočni citrusi – za D&G je sve inspiracija / Cathedrals, mosaics, cheerful polka dots, famous Italians, pizzas, spaghetti, cannoli or juicy citrus fruits, for D&G everything is inspiring