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76 | Lajfstajl » Lifestyle Overthecourseofthe past decade, many people have been familiarised with the Danish concept of hygge, which entails an embracing of all things of comfort.Thebroader Scandinaviannotionof friluftsliv, which translates as “outdoor living”, is almost equally as popular – and proved to be an antidote during the first weeks of pandemic lockdown, when the situation made spending time at home the only safe thing to do. However, theDutch concept of uitwaaien will probably compel even more people to head outside to enjoy themental andphysical benefits that can be provided by spending a wonderful time outdoors. Forge t abou t hygge and f r i lu f ts l i v Walkwith thewind Uitwaaien is the latest wellness teaching for a life full of pleasure, another skill for a harmonious everyday life from the old continent that’s growing to become a global lifestyle trend Uitwaaien is defined as “walking with the wind” and refers to the Dutchconceptof seekingrespiteoutdoors. It is essentially about changing “bad air”, which leaves the body feeling a sense of clarity and freshness.TheDutchhavemade anart of compactingmultiplewords tocreate one very simple word, and uitwaaien is a perfect example of that. As a very flat country that’s partly below sea level, theNetherlandscanbevery windy, particularlyduringwinter. As such, “uitwaaien” provides the perfect way to utilise even themost unpleasant conditions inthebestpossibleway.That’s because, even though our first instinct might be to spend rainyandwindyafternoonscomfortablywrappedupandrecliningonthe couch at home, the fact is that it is much better for our energy levels to opt for something to do that’s more active, and preferably in nature. This process provides an opportunity to restore our joie de vivre, whether we practise it alone or with family or friends. This is a very simple, yet invigorating activity of walking and breathing in windy conditions. It can be very nourishing for the soul and beneficial to physical health: a way to increase one’s sense of wellness, alleviate stress and worry, create space andbalance betweenwork time and personal/family time, or simplyprovide an opportunity to feel better physically following a heavy meal. One medical study has shown that visiting a park can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic stress, premature death etc. What’s nice about uitwaaien is that it can be as intense as you want it to be; it can be as simple as walking around the block during your lunch break or as extreme as a three-hour mountain hike. You can view it as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones or as solo meditation in the woods. The point is that you can make uitwaaien work for you and your lifestyle. Just as many people now associate the hygge concept with comfortable, high-vibrational spaces and hospitable home décor solutions, it is interesting that the uitwaaien concept can also be applied to interior design. According to interior designers, ever more clients are seeking ways to bridge the gap between their home interiors and principles of nature, in a desire to bring their outdoor experiences and emotions into the home – so that when they lack sufficient time to leave the house, they can still feel inspired by the pristine “design” of the planet that evokes the feelings providedby uitwaaien. And the closer we are to nature, the truer we are to ourselves. And healthier. And happier. Suština ovog velnes učenja je u promeni „lošeg vazduha“, što ostavlja osećaj bistrine i svežine u telu This wellness teaching is essentially about changing “bad air”, which leaves the body feeling a sense of clarity and freshness