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The Godfather » Kum | 71 Robert de Niro, koji je tada bio nepoznat glumac, prijavio se za uloge Majkla i Sonija, ali je dobio ulogu u drugomdelu Kuma Robert de Niro, who was an unknown actor at the time, applied for the roles of Michael and Sonny, but got a role in the second part of The Godfather Foto: PARAMOUNT PICTURES - Album Foto: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia old world of 1972.The original was set during the period of the 1940s and 1950s, only for the Godfather II to rewind back even further to the preceding decades.That was the lost paradise for many film lovers, after which market demands destroyed film. Themass appeal of Puzo’s novel lay in the unpermitted insight into a hidden culture that it provided. However, with Coppola there was also something of love at play – the emigrant experience of the countlessmillionswhoarrived fromSicily. Oneby-productof the furorearound the first two Godfather films was the fact that a group that had long existed on the margins of America society finally gained its own place. It’s no coincidence that – with rare exceptions like James Caan and AndyGarcia –Coppola insisted that Italians play the roles. He was years ahead of his time in terms of the need to understand identity. Nonetheless, Coppola, whowas then only 33 and had already won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for the film Patton, still didn’t inspire confidence in the major studio’s producers, who hesitated at every step and were even prepared to replace Coppola, because they