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70 | Kum » The Godfather Fenomeni / phenomena Cop pol a’ s mast e r p i ece r emast e r ed TheGodfather lives, half a century on One of the all-time most legendary films, Francis Ford Coppola’s saga of the Corleone family has turned 50. To mark this jubilee, The Godfather has been remastered and re-released in cinemas worldwide najuspešnijih filmova te dekade. Brandova izvedba Vita Korleonea je, osim velikog uspeha kod publike i kritike, ostala i vizuelno upamćena jer je za potrebe uloge nosio protetičke umetke na dnu vilice sa obe strane kako bi dočarao lik na način kako ga je Kopola zamislio (danas ih u vidu eksponata možemo videti u Muzeju filmske umetnosti u Njujorku). Na dodeli Oskara 1973. godine, od 10 nominacija, Kum je osvoji tri, i to za najbolji film, najbolju glavnu mušku ulogu (Marlon Brando) i najbolji adaptirani scenario. Serijal od tri filma ukupno je nominovan za 28 Oskara, a osvojio je devet, tri za prvi deo i šest za drugi, što ga čini jednom od franšiza sa najviše nominacija, iza Ratova zvezda (37) i Gospodara prstenova (30). Na dodeli Oskara 1973. godine, od 10 nominacija, Kum je osvoji tri At the 1973 Oscars, The Godfather won three of the ten awards for which it had been nominated Foto: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia Foto: Rights Managed / Mary Evans Picture Librar / Profimedia It is unequivocally good news that The Godfather is being screened again.Thefilm’s 50th birthday is the excuse, but it should really be screened at least once a year, to provide proper cinematic joy. Watching these brilliant films on the big screen, in the dark – fantastic! And yet, this is relatively unimportant because its influence is ubiquitous. Just look at Succession, one of the most popular and highest award-winning contemporary TV shows. Couched deep within this most modern narrative are the fifty-year-old themes of Francis Ford Coppola: a boss and a shadow that’s cast by his power over his cursed adult children.The first season’s finale playedout behind the scenes at аwedding, which is howTheGodfather began; in the second season, a Fredo-style kiss preceded betrayal; in the third came another wedding, more betrayal and the final blow that provided such a strong nod to Coppola that fans ofMatthewMacfadyen’s performance dubbed him “The Tomfather”. There are countlessmafiamovies, of course, but the power of the sheer weight of numbers pales in comparisonto that of the scaleof influence exerted by one dynasty.The Godfather has its direct offspring, in sequels II and III, but it also has Goodfellas andTheSopranos. Scorsese’s masterpiece is an angry heir, while his further relationship with Tony Soprano meant Coppola not only changed the world of film, but also that of TV. That’s because The Godfather is right here and now, though thatmay seemstrange. Not only because of the half a century that’s passed between him and us, but also because that was the