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New York » Njujork | 101 ample, at the nightclubs Elsewhere orHouse of Yes, there is nodissipating of sound, so it seems like you’re sailing over the dance floor. A different type of atmosphere, though at the same level, is provided by clubs like Smalls, 55 Bar, Blue Note, Fat Cat etc. At Fat Cat, alongside listening to two or three live bands per evening, visitors can play table tennis, pool and various board games, which is still a characteristic of younger people. Another ofNewYork’s interesting sights is Central Park, and here again the views are worthy of all praise: to the south of the park, in 59th Street, are positioned the tallest skyscrapers.Here, inManhattan, theHudsonYardscomplexwaserected, with a triangular balcony at the top that provides truly spectacular views. That’s why it’s now rare for someone to head to the top of the Empire StateBuilding, or theChrysler building, which are now the former most popular vantage points. From there, naturally, you can‘t see details like the style of clothing worn by New Yorkers, where the trend for a long timehas beensports shoes with air soles, along with the rest of their elegant wardrobe. The reason for this is that here everyone walks, avoiding cars due to a lack of parking and the congestion created at rushhour.That’swhythepreferred means of transport is the subway, whereyoucanbothencounter celebrities andreachyourdesireddestination faster than by taxi. Interestingly, walking fromCentral Park to the bottom of Broadway takes an hour and a half to two hours, which is a route NewYorkers oftenwalk purely for fun. My day starts with a bread bun containing two friedeggs and turkey bacon. I buy this kind of breakfast fromafoodtruckparkedinmystreet, and there are similar such “objects” onevery corner. Althoughbagels are considered a symbol of the morningmeal forAmericans, inNewYork they actually compete to make the best possible burger.When it comes to coffees, I prefer the one from the kiosks, which costs just a dollar and is very aromatic. And everyonemust visit Broadway, of course, for the atmosphere, the incredible scenery and the actors, who are often very famous. After all, this theatre district is a symbol of New York, just like stand-up comedy. And with this in mind I would recommend Comedy Cellar and Village Underground, on Sundays, when tickets are cheaper and you can bump into the stars of this genre while they attempt to make greater performances. On the other hand, all beaches are public, starting fromBrooklyn’s Coney Island, viaRockawayBeach, to the more beautiful beaches of Long Island, such as Jones Beach. Those who don’t mind sand and ocean waves, or major crowds, will have a great time on the Atlantic coast. Hereyou’ll certainly feel thespirit of a city that really lives 24hours a day, and which very easily becomes a second home. Obično zaglavimu klubu Nublu klasik, u Ist Vilidžu naMenhetnu I usually end up “stuck” at the classic Nublu Club, inManhattan’s East Village U Njujorku se lako sklapaju prijateljstva, a teško održavaju stara Friendships are easy to make in New York, while old ones are harder to maintain Foto: Depositphotos Foto: Depositphotos / "Rafael Ben-Ari/Chameleons Eye"