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100 | Njujork » New York dest inaci ja / dest inat ion Views are what constantly reawaken my adoration of New York. The view of Manhattan from the water, from the direction of Long Island’s East and West Hampton, from where I would return after house parties where I often performed. Famous sunsets, when the colour orange washes the ends of parallel streets facing west. Nights out with even starker colouring and more intense glaring, when the city, in all its commotion, isnonethelesshalfdeserted. Contributing to that impression, in my case, is a sleepless night, spent hanging around discos. Personally, I usually end up “stuck” at the classic Nublu Club, in Manhattan’s East Village, where theyplay amixture of jazz andother musical directions, but anyone can find something to suit their tastes at any time of day or night in New York. And not only that, but also to choosewithoutbeingdenied inasingle case, whether it comes to music, food, theatre,museums etc. And every one of these places is perfectly adapted to serve its purpose. For exI first arrived in New York as a tourist in 2015, and I stayed for a year and a half, gaining the status of a free artist. What I felt towards that city back then – a mix of fear and admiration – is the same way I feel today My New Yor k , F i l i p Bu l atov i ć, j a zz mus i c i an This city easily becomes a second home Ko je Filip Filip Bulatović, umetničkog imenaMapo Keys, srpski je džezmuzičar, pijanista, kompozitor, pop/fank kantautor i producent. Rođen je 1987. u Beogradu, gde nastupa od svoje 16. godine, još kao učenik Srednjemuzičke škole Stanković. Muzičku akademiju upisuje u Kelnu, gde uči od najvećih imena džeza, da bi već na početu karijeru nastavio paralelno i u Srbiji i u Nemačkoj, nastupajući sa brojnimvelikanima. Sa svega 19 godina formira svoj džez trio i snima prvi album, da bi se uskoro oprobao i u pop/fankmuzici. Godine 2019. objedinjuje ceo svoj popularni autorski opus pod umetničkim imenom MAPOKeys i formira devetočlani bend sa kojimnastupa u prestižnomnjujorškomklubu Nublu. Umaju 2021. postaje član Big benda RTS-a, prvobitno kao pijanista, a potom i kao dirigent. Svojomenergijom pridobio je najširu publiku nastupomu revijalnomdelu Pesme za Evroviziju. who is Filip FilipBulatović, who performs under the artistic nameMapo Keys, is aSerbian jazzmusician, pianist and composer, and a pop/funk singer-songwriter and producer. Born in Belgrade in 1987, he has been performing in theSerbian capital since hewas 16, when hewas still a student of theStankovićSecondaryMusicSchool. He enrolled at the MusicAcademy inCologne, where he learned fromthe biggest names in jazz, only to continue the playing career he’d already started, inSerbia andGermany simultaneously, performing alongside numerous greats. It was at the tender age of 19 that he formed his own jazz trio and recorded his first album, only to try his hand at pop/funkmusic soon afterwards. He unified his entire popular authorial opus in 2019, under the artistic nameMAPOKeys, and formed a nine-member bandwithwhich he performed at NewYork’s prestigious Nublu Club. He became amember of theRTS BigBand inMay 2021, initially as a pianist, then later as conductor. His energy enabled himto gain thewidest possible audience by performing in the review section of the EurovisionSongContest.