96 | Poput naših sugrađanki, Ursula Lojbli, rođena u Švajcarskoj, podjednako temperamentno objašnjava da je za kašnjenje od pet minuta kriv saobraćaj. Ipak, po tome što odmah pomera sledeći zakazani sastanak vidi se da joj je švajcarska tačnost u krvi. Rado govori o svom poslu, naSTRANAC UBEOGRADU FOREIGNER INBELGRADE Tekst/Words: Branka Gajić Fotografije/Photography: Goran Srdanov Like our fellow citizens, Swiss-born UrsulaLäubli explains equally temperamentally that the tra c is to blame for her being ve minutes late. However, it canbeseen inher instantly moving the next scheduledmeeting that she has the accuracy of Swiss watches in her blood. Shehappily talks about herwork, emphasising the importance of the projects her o ce supports. Some of themost signi cant are dual education, property tax reform, support for the “Social Inclusion andPovertyReductionTeam”, aswell as the Ursula Lojbli je direktorka švajcarske Kancelarije za saradnju, koja je deo Ambasade Švajcarske u Srbiji. Pre samo tri godine došla je u Beograd, a već pri prvom susretu odaje utisak prave Beograđanke LJUDI SU LEPOTA BEOGRADA PEOPLE ARE THE BEAUTY OF BELGRADE Ursula Läubli is the Director of the Swiss Cooperation O ce, which is part of the Embassy of Switzerland to Serbia. She arrived in Belgrade only three years ago, but upon rst meeting she already gives the impression of being a real Belgrader Belgrade Science and Technology Park... Swiss support toSerbia since the1990s totals in excess of 400 million euros. “For example, we are trying to empower citizens to participate in the decision-making process for municipal budgets.Wewant to transfer here the tradition of referendums that has existed in Switzerland for 150 years, because we think it is important for citizens to be involved in decisions that relate directly to their place of residence. Serbs are innovative people and would be able to recognise such an opportunity,”she says, explaining the pro-