88 | Wecanonlygoforwardandfor thenext threehourswe’re inthecanyon”. I look at the faces aroundme andwe all gulphard. But herewe are, as theman says – there’s no goingback. The canyon isn’t immediately terrifying, as it’s two or three metres wide. I’m fairly t and didn’t nd it exhausting, but walking over those slippery rocks is a real challenge. One careless step can see break your leg, and then it’s bye-bye; after you have to wait for the mountain rescue service to pull you out. And it’s also a bit weird to tread through that murky waterwithoutknowingwhat’sunderneath. Imean, thewater isclear andclean, but thepersoninfrontof youunsettlesmudfromthebottom, sothingsgetevenmorecomplicated.Guidesaresituatedat the head and the end of the column, communicating between themselvesconstantlyviawalkie-talkie.Youfeel safebecauseof them, and yet your brain is still working feverishly. Otherwise, Ihavetoemphasiseinparticular thatyouwouldhave nochanceinthecanyonalone. Itdidn’tendwell forsomepeoplewho set o without a guide, so don’t go without them in any madness. In some places they literally represent physical aids, as they wedge themselvesbetweentherocks, soyoujumpfromtheir legsandmove on. Apart fromthat, wedescendedagoodportionof the canyonby rope, at a 90 degree angle to the smooth and slippery rock. You are tethered to that little cable, but the point is in the guide below, who awaits youandcontrols thedescent. If youslipand loseyour grip, he is the onewhowill stop you by tightening the rope, because there’s no brake on the cable. That was very strange tome, as I’d never descended like that before, relying on a rope to endure, and if you slip or release your hands, you’re dependent on a man below. That’s a little scary, but everything went well. And when you stop and look around yourself, you are overwhelmed by awe and admiration for nature that is both gentle and terrifying at the same time. Around you are high rockwalls and rubble, and you feel so small and powerless in the face of that beauty and wonder. And then you conquer nature, nding your own way. It’s like serious training, when you’re focused a hundred per cent on one thing, when you switch on survival mode. Adrenaline starts to ow, and is followed by endorphins. I like that adrenaline rush, that moment when you overcome fear. The point isn’t to avoid being afraid, but tobeat that fear, because that’s abattlewithyourself. And if you succeed indoing that in thiswild, untouchednature – inovercomingyourself andher –all thoseother issues anddilemmas in life get a di erent colour and you’re no longer afraid of them. If I can do this, I can do a hundred other things.Who says where the limit is? At the end of this story, we headed to a beautiful natural pool. We screamedand jumpedwith joy, bathing in that calmwater, happytohaverecordedavictorythatmayhavebeensmallbutwasgreat for us. As far as I’mconcerned, I’m forever infected, in love with canyoning, and I can’t wait to go again with my friends. Let that terrible Nevidio and wondrous Medjurje get ready, because I intend to conquer them. će te zaustaviti kad zategne konopac jer nemakočnicena sajli. Tomi jebiloveoma čudno, nikad se nisam tako spuštao, uzdaš se u konopac da će izdržati, a ako se oklizneš ili pustiš ruke, zavisiš od čoveka dole. Malo je strašno, ali je sve dobro prošlo. Akadzastanešipogledašokosebe,obuzmutestrahopoštovanje i divljenjepremaprirodi, pitomoj i zastrašujućoj u isti mah. Oko tebe suvisoki bedemi od stena i krša i osetiš se tako mali i nemoćan pred tom lepotom i čudom. A onda pobediš prirodu, nađeš svoj put. To je kao ozbiljan trening, kada si 100 odsto fokusiran na jednu stvar, kad uključiš mod za preživljavanje. Krene da šiklja adrenalin, a za njim stiže endorfin. Meni taj adrenalin prija, taj momenat kad savlađuješ strah. Nije poenta u tome da se ne plašiš, nego da strah pobediš, jer je to borba sa samim sobom. A ako u tome uspeš u toj divljoj, netaknutoj prirodi, da pobediš i sebe i nju, sve ti druge životne stvari i dileme dobiju drugu boju i više ih se ne plašiš. Ako mogu ovo, pamogu još 100 drugih stvari, ko kaže gde je granica. Na kraju ove priče izašli smo u jedan prelepi prirodni bazen. Vrištali smo i skakali od sreće, kupali se u toj mirnoj vodi, srećni što smo odneli jednu malu, ali za nas veliku pobedu. Što semene tiče, ja samzauvek inficiran, zaljubljen u kanjoning i jedva čekamda sa prijateljima ponovo dođem. Neka se spreme taj strašni Nevidio i čudesnoMeđurečje jer nameravam da ih osvojim. Mirna luka na kraju avanture A tranquil Luka after his adventure