| 81 When she’s on the court, Maja Ognjenović has no equal. She is among the most worthy of credit for the numerous successes of Serbia’s women’s volleyball team, but also the club teams for which she’s played. Along with the other girls in the national team, she’s booked her ticket to theTokyo Olympics, and is now battling - with the rest of Serbia’s volleyball national team - to defend gold at the European Championships, which are being played from 23rd August to 8th September in Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Czechia. Although shedreams ofmedals, Maja also longs for those moments when she can just enjoy herself, and she prefers to spend her holidays with a croissant and co ee in Paris. “I like to make lengthy and detailed plan of my travels, everything’s important tome – fromaccommodation to the proximity of attractions in the city where I ndmyself. It is important tome for that holiday to owbeautifully and unforgettably, and Paris is simply a city created for that,”Maja tells us, adding that she’s visited the French capital ve times since 2011 and even that’s not enough for her. She’s fascinated by everything about Paris – fromthe architecture, via themany interesting sights, to the energy and charm of residents… “Paris compels you to walk, explore, to be constantly on the move, to admire and enjoy yourself. Personally, my favourite places are around the Basilica of the SacredHeart andSaint-Germain, especially if you nd yourself there during spring. If you wander around these neighbourhoods, you can mingle with the locals, nd a nice cafe and allow yourself to enjoy some perfect cheese and aperitifs. If you’re a lover of croissants, then you de - nitely have to try those from the widely renowned Du Pain et des Idees bakery. After that shopping can commence, which When it comes to love, she chooses Dača Ikodinović, when she was choosing sports, she opted for volleyball, and if you were to ask her what her favourite city outside Serbia is, she would says without any dilemma – Paris Er Srbija leti 14 puta nedeljno iz Beograda za Pariz Air Serbia flies 14 times a week from Belgrade to Paris