72 | establishing an artists’colony. He started painting for the house, to decorate it, and waited for his friend who he admired - Paul Guaguin. Among thesepaintings are the Bedroom in Arles - Vincent’s room, VasewithTwelve Sun owers, TheYellow House, The Night Café and CaféTerrace at Night, all of which are characterised by vibrant colours. He also paintedboth Gauguin’s and Vincent’s chairs. And although it will never be completely clear what happened between the two artists, after one fruitful and peaceful period during which they lived and worked together, everything ended in con ict and Van Gogh’s breakdown. He allegedly attacked Gauguin with a knife, then cut o his own ear. He ended up in hospital su ering from a mental breakdown and Gauguin left Arles never to return, despiteVan Gogh later begging him to return. Van Gogh would end up at Saint Paul de Mausole Monastery in Saint-Rémy-deProvence, which served as a sanatorium for the mentally ill and where many of his paintings were created depicting sunsets over lavender elds, yellowing vineyards, olive groves etc. In Arles itself, while Vincent’s favourite sun bakes everything mercilessly, you can visit all the places that the painter loved and which he has immortalised in his paintings. Many cafes still exist today on the Place du Forum , including the one depicted in his famous Café Terrace at Night painting. On the place where the yellow house stood, which no longer exists after being destroyed during a bombing raid, stands Van Gogh’s picture. It was here that his famous Sun owers were created, as well as an entire array of self-portraits and many otherworks, all of which aregreat reasons to follow in his footsteps and familiarise yourself with his Arles. I čuvene Suncokrete naslikao je u Arlu He also painted his famous Sunflowers in Arles Jedan od mnogih autoportreta One of many selfportraits