66 | to his last work. You should then head to the nearby Vence and visit the Rosary (La Chapelle du Rosaire), which was fully decorated by Matisse as an act of gratitude to the Dominican sisters who took care of him during his illness. Paintings, furniture, glassworks – he did everything during that time when he was already in his eighties. He was already a successful artist when he arrived in Nice in December 1917. Hewas 48 and su ering fromsevere bronchitis. He booked a room in a seaside hotel for a month, but it rained for almost the entire month, so he sadly painted the interior of his dramatic hotel room over and over again. And then, on the last day, the sun cameout andwashedeverything in magical colours. Matisse fell irrevocably in love:“I came toNice to heal myself, and it rained for a month. I nally decided to leave. The next day themistral winddrove away the clouds and it was so beautiful that I decided to stay forever.” He relocated permanently to Nice during that winter of 1921, taking up residence in a large yellow building at the top of a hill above Nice, where hewould spent the next 17 years living and painting – representing his most fruitful and joyous period. It wasn’t until 1938 that he moved to Cimiez, where he bought two large apartments that would later become hismuseum. It is open every day except Tuesdays, from 10am to 6pm. Ten years later, it was the turn of Mark Chagall. It was 47 years ago, on Docteur Ménard Avenue, at the spot whereCimiez Boulevard starts to rise, that he personally oversaw the construction of themuseum that would Of all the artists who lived or temporarily resided in Nice, Henri Matisse contributed themost to the city’s artistic glory. The leader of the Fauvismmovement, who managed like no one before him to make colours “sing so loudly” and who was regarded by Picasso as his greatest rival, Matisse spent more than thirty years living in Nice. The place to get acquainted with Matisse is certainly his museum on Cimiez Hill above Nice, in the villa where he lived, which contains one of the world’s largest collections of this painter’s works and traces his evo- lution fromthebeginning Na samoj obali Sredozemnog mora, Nica ima divnu klimu preko cele godine Situated right on the coast of the Mediterranean, Nice has a wonderful climate throughout the year iStock / paparazzit