Serbia » Srbija | 83 U tihom turizmu je najvažnije da stanete i oslušnete tišinu. Čućete više nego što vamdozvoljava uobičajena huka When it comes to quite tourism, the most important thing is for you to stop and listen to the silence. You will hear more than what’s permitted by the usual hubbub Perhapsyoupaddledintheseathissummer, had a barbecue at a summer cottage or attended some music festival in another city.But ifyouhaven'texperiencedhearing absolutely nothing around you – you’ve missedoutonthecharmsofquiet tourism T he planet is getting ever louder and it’s increasingly difficult to escape the racket, even in nature. Silence has become the greatest luxury. Even the more tranquil spas and beaches that provide respite from the hustle and bustle are usually reserved for those with deeper pockets, and even there it remains difficult to avoid other tourists entirely. That’s why quiet tourism is the latest trend. It implies listening to that which we find increasingly inaccessible: silence. But this isn’t silence in the sense of the complete absence of sound, rather the absence of sounds of human acFOTO: Depositphotos / Smileus SILENCE IS TRENDY M I N I OASES OF SE R B I AN NAT UR E tivity that disturb and pollute the planet: ticking clock hands, whirring computer coolers, buses passing under windows etc. According to a study conductedby theWorldHealth Organization, prolonged exposure to loud noises, particularly the unnatural ones that are commonplace in cities, increases the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, dementia and depression. Why, then, wouldn’t you head somewhere where the only thing you’ll listen to is the melodic singing of birds, the silence of a fresh, fragrant dawn and the occasional wasp buzzing around your head? You can conduct your own search for these auditory wonders of nature. Residents of some other countries struggle to find such places in their vicinity, but for us they’re easily accessible. So, when visiting some of our country’s more popular natural treasures, be brave enough to take the less trodden paths and you’ll be sure to come across a real paradise of tranquillity.