38 | Skandinavija » Scandinavia MODA FASHION SCAND I CH I C Post-digital version of fashion Fashion weeks in Copenhagen and Stockholm for spring/summer 2021 return us to the life of fashion. You won't see shows of world-renowned designers there, as their names are unknown despite the fact that their approach to life, fashion and design is something that's slowly but surely conquering the world. In the fashion world it’s only amatter of time until the Fashion Week events of Copenhagen and Stockholm stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the ‘Big Four’ (New York, London, Milan and Paris). at’s because clear messages are sent from there; they design pieces with soul, cleansed of unnecessary details, which gives them the freedom to play with form and cut. ey have taken over the Instagram scene, their street style has the weight of a fashion show of a top designer and now they’re also preparing to conquer the world fashion scene. Don’t be surprised if you see the world’s most famous bloggers in the front rows of fashion shows in these two cities next year. e fashion and street styles of Scandinavians are inseparable. e military trend runs through them to a greater or lesser extent, while the designs are both dark and romantic at the same time, and in some places handcraft andmachine work intertwine, along with solid and fluttering forms. We’ve also seen designs inspired by graffiti and subcultures, with graffiti curves transformed into silhouettes, prints inspired by nature and laser-cut leather. Knitwear is one of the leading trends, oversized forms are not abandoned and asymmetry is almost a given. Modna kuća House of Dagmar akcenat stavlja na udobnu i zavodljivu trikotažu Fashion company House of Dagmar places an emphasis on comfortable and seductive knitwear