| 71 gen Bilo kako bilo, predanje kaže da svake noći duh mladog kraljevića šeta odajama ovog zdanja, a u dvorcu je posebno obeleženo i mesto na kojem je Hamlet sreo duh svog oca… Sve je ovde u znaku Hamleta i tog vremena. „Biti ili ne biti, pitanje je sad!“, odjekuju svake godine glasovi glumaca koji pred oduševljenompublikom izvode komad čuvenog engleskog pisca. Koliko Danci drže do svoje tradicije, svedoči i Šekspir festival , koji u prostoru dvorca Kronborg svakog avgusta okuplja brojne umetnike. Zbog istorijskog i kulturnog značaja Kronborg je 2000. godine stavljen na Uneskovu listu svetske baštine. This town in the very north is situated on the farthest peak of the island of Zealand, between Denmark and Sweden, which is a strategically important place, and was especially so in the Middle Ages, when Danish kings controlled entry and exit to the Baltic Sea and charged a tax for the passage of every ship. Those hesitant captains would quickly be convinced that it was easier to pay than to face the cannons turned seawards from all sides of Kronborg. The high peaks of this Renaissance beauty are visible as soon as you disembark from the train, after just a 45-minute trip from Copenhagen. Surrounded by beautiful parks and canals, when you enter the castle and head to the other side, facing the sea, you will see Sweden, located just four kilometres away. Ferries constantly transport people and goods, but once upon a time this location, thanks to its geographic position, gave strength and power to the kings of Denmark, which was then famous for its Kronborg. This is believed to be the reason why England and Shakespeare heard about it, and thus Hamlet was named as a Danish prince who lives in Helsingor. Historians, however, claim that the famous writer almost certainly never set foot in this place. They say that he could only have heard of it, because it was renowned for its strength, but also for the lavish parties that were attended by the most important people of the time. Regardless of the reality, tradition has it that the spirit of the young prince walks the halls of this building every night, and within the castle they have marked the special place where Hamlet met the spirit of his father... Everything here commemorates Hamlet and that time. The line “To be or not to be, that is the question!” echoes here every year from the voices of actors who perform this famous English writer’s play for enthusiastic audiences. Testifying to how much Danes preserve their traditions is the Shakespeare Festival, which brings together numerous artists at Kronborg Castle every August. In light of its historical and cultural signi cance, Kronborg was added to the UNESCOWorld Heritage List in the year 2000. Er Srbija leti 7 puta nedeljno iz Beograda za Kopenhagen Air Serbia ies 7 times a week from Belgrade to Copenhagen 2.15’ Kastrup Trajanje leta Aerodrom Flight time Airport Shakespeare used Kronborg Castle in the north of the country as the setting for Hamlet, which he renamed Helsingor after the town where it is located Šekspir je radnju „Hamleta“ smestio u zamak Kronborg, na severu zemlje, nazivajući ga Helsinger, po gradu u kom se nalazi