60 | Noviteti » Novelties MODA / FASHION SEARCH FOR A NEW AUD I ENCE Rememberwhenan individual designhouse’s complete seasonal offer was based entirely on a single fashion presentation? Oh, how long ago that was! Hyperproduction hype has ensured that fashion brands have to communicate with their audiences 24/7 - presenting a multitude of mini-tendencies (and, consequently, lots of new clothes and accessories) on a weekly basis. Here are the strongest impressions beingmade this autumn. ALL THE FRESH AND DIFFERING FACES OF GLAMOUR The fashionhouse representing the legacy of avant-garde couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga has already spent quite some time recruiting new generations of fans - those who are on first-name terms with urban understandings of style and prefer “streetwear” to silk and velvet. However, the latest move of the creative team that’s currently at the helm of the Balenciaga ship (headed by subtly subversive Georgian Demna Gvasalia) has delighted even those who aren’t fans of his vision of fashion. The latest Balenciaga fashion show in Paris featured the premiere screening of an episode of The Simpsons that was specially made for this occasion. In the ten-minute cartoon – the credit for which, naturally, belongs to the creators of this cult series: Matt Groening and his team of collaborators – Homer wants to gift Marge something with a Balenciaga label for her birthday. Due to (very Simpsonesque) circumstances, all the beloved characters from Springfield turn up at this fashion company’s show in Paris. The cartoon is available via Balenciaga’s official YouTube account and we guarantee that it will bring a smile to your face - just as it did at the premiere in front of the proverbially trailblazing trendsetters and trend spotters who were in attendance. THE SIMPSONS IN BALENCIAGA BRING SMILES TO PARIS FOTO: / Backgrid UK Fashion’s future lies in congenial and earnest collaborations, the battle for diversity on every front and the selfconscious humour that’s inherent to pop culture