Novelties » Noviteti | 61 Nothing that Rihanna does could be average. The lingerie brand that has represented her passion and personal project over previous years is continuing to push boundaries and redefine the runway fashion show concept with which we are familiar. “The essence is about changing things up and also challenging ourselves to expand,” said the beautiful Barbadian singer. “Not only with our show, but with our level of inclusivity and what that means to us”. In its third edition, the essence of Savage x Fenty is evoked via a skilfully directed film shot over the course of three days in an impressive, modernist building located in downtown LA. Edited in such a way as to provide the impression of a live performance, it is divided into segments which each have their own “elevator story” – a study of intimacy and sensuality conjured up through the performances of celebrities who demand attention with their appearance, such as Cindy Crawford, Irina Shayk, Emily Ratajkowski and Lourdes Leon (Madonna's daughter). As is to be expected, this lingerie is designed to “raise the temperature”, and this time around inspiration was drawn from Manga aesthetics and the Fetish subculture. “We’re not named Savage for nothing,” said Rihanna with a devilish smile. DonatellaVersace is someonewhoneeds no introduction – she has been pulling the strings of Italian fashion for decades, since the death of her brother Gianni (and some say evenprior to that). Yet, despite her legend status, she always finds a way to correspond to the current juncture of trends by using visual codes that are familiar to younger generations. From unpardoned bling to casting diversity, Donatella gives her all to ensure Versace retains that youthful cool factor. And she outdidherself in that endeavour this season, by consenting to anunusual collaboration with the creative forces behind another iconic Italian brand. The brand in question is that of Fendi, where Silvia Venturini Fendi – who inherited the business that was founded by her parents – is currently (since the death of Karl Lagerfeld) joined in her workby reveredBritishdesignerKimJones.They joined forces to raid the Versace and Fendi archives in search of the most striking moments that are today perhaps more relevant than they were at the time. The result is a mash up collection with an equally clumsily stylised name - Fendace sounds like some bizarre Chinese copy, and that is quite intentional, believe me. RIHANNA’S SAVAGE X FENTI IS “BURNING” ON INSTAGRAM FENDACE = FENDI + VERSACE, A SUM THAT “COSTS LOTS” FOTO: / Backgrid UK FOTO: / SGP