KULTURA / CULTURE 32 | Serije » Series The nine-episode series Squid Game comes from Korea and is already being dubbed by Netflix as its most successful non-English-languageproduction–a title that’sbeen held todatebySpanishseries La casadePapel [Money Heist]. The concept of wealthy people using thepoor for funandentertainment dates back toRoman times, but it has also been explored in countless contemporarypopculturecreations, themostprominentofwhich include the likes of The Runner andThe Hunger Games. PHENOMENON OF T HE SE R I ES SQU I D GAME What’s hiding behind child’s play? The Netflix series Squid Game is breaking all viewing records, and this South Korean hit is striving to become the most watched show in the history of this streaming giant Seong Gi-hun is a divorced gambling addict “loser” who’s struggling to survive.Hehas adaughter he adores, a mother who worries about him and loan-sharks who are threatening to harvest his organs if he doesn't repay his debts. He’s at a metro station when he receives an opportunity to participate in a contest that will solve all his problems if he wins. The protagonist soon finds himself ina remote locationwith another 455desperate peoplewho, like him, believe that theywill end their personal financial misery by participating in six children's games with a morbid conclusion. Whoever proves victorious will win a pile of cash, though of course they’ll have toutilise all of their abilities if theywant to succeed in these games that are popular amongKorean children. They don't need any superpowers and are even allowed to cheat. There are only three rules: players are not allowed to stop the game; players who refuse to continue will be eliminated; but if themajority of players agree to a stoppage in play, a game may be stopped. According to the reviews of foreign critics, Squid Game offers more than the usual dystopian decathlon of death. It delves deep into the development of characters and their stories, heading in directions not covered by previous stories of this kind, while it is also awash with caustic comments on the current state of global FOTO: / Netflix / Zuma Press