Istanbul » Istanbul| 101 the closed gardens and parks transports you back in time to show you the historic importance of this place. I decided to spend the next day visiting another of Istanbul’s most iconic sites: Dolmabahçe Palace. Built in the 19th century, this palace is a symbol of the modern age of theOttoman Empire. Designed in a contemporary European style, it is actually the largest palace in Turkey, containing 285 rooms, 46 halls and hammams, as well as a harem. I was astounded by the luxury that surroundedmanyOttoman emperors, but also the beautiful architecture thatmakes this place timeless. Prior to the construction of Dolmabahçe Palace, Topkapi Palace had been the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans. During the time of the empire, more than 4,000 people had lived here with their families. Contained within the walls are many sacred Islamic relics that are placed on display, extensive exhibitions and even a museum, ensuring that this is also a beautiful place to visit, and one that’s just a stone’s throw from Hagia Sophia. The best way to see the Bosporus and experience the magnificence of this 31-km-long strait is to take a boat tour. There are multiple docks across the Istanbul coastline, where people can catch a boat and take a tour, and I would definitely recommend doing so just before sunset. Our boat ride lasted approximately anhour and a half. We embarked from a spot close to Galata Tower, spent an hour sailing across the Bosporus, then returned to the same spot. There are many grand villas and buildings overlooking the water, as well as many ships and boats that take the same route. It was simply amazing to watch the sun set and its orange glow shimmering over this beautiful city. Istanbul is also the place to be for those who really love to shop. With the large marketplace that’s known as the Grand Bazaar, you could easily arrive in Istanbul with an empty suitcase and fill it in no time at all. One of the world’s oldest covered markets, the Grand Bazaar is also among the world’s largestmarkets. It has over 60 narrow lanes offering more than 5,000 shops Posetiteblog ErSrbije Ne zaboravitedaposetiteblogEr Srbije na linku Blog imačetiri kategorije: Destinacije, Hot spot, Putopisi, Putuj pametno, a u okviru tih kategorija upoznaćete se sa destinacijama do kojih leti Er Srbija, naći predloge zanimljivihdogađaja, putopise kabinskog osoblja i mnogo dobrih saveta u vezi sa putovanjima… VISIT THE AIR SERBIA BLOG Don’t forget to visit the Air Serbia blog via the link The blog has four categories: Places; Hotspot;Beyondwords; Travel smart. Withinthescopeof thesecategories, you’ll be able to get acquainted with the destinations covered by the Air Serbia network and find suggestions for interestingevents, thetravelogues of cabincrewmembersandplentyof good travel advice… and stalls, hammams, a mosque and restaurants. Inside you can purchase spices, furniture, antiques, jewellery, watches, clothes, textiles andmuch, muchmore. A truly amazing and unique place, it was also here that I experienced the culture of bartering. And I’m also quite proud to admit that I found my prowess in this art pretty well. I added many different teas to my already large tea collection. I left my tour of Istanbul’s most colourful neighbourhood, Balat, for the final day of my visit. Located on the European side of the city, Balat is definitely the city’s most photographed district. Its many colourful buildings, with amazing cafes and restaurants covering the entire area, are a veritable magnet for both tourists and locals alike. The atmosphere is very lively and shifts drastically over the space of just a few streets. If you want to shoot great travel photos and enjoy amazing food, this is certainly the place to be. There are many top restaurants everywhere, offering traditional Turkish cuisine and amazingTurkishdelicacies. Prices are extremely reasonable and the service is as fantastic as the food. The locals are also polite and always ready to help.The city itself is very clean, despite having a population exceeding 15 million, and many areas have more of the vibe of an old town than that of the modern metropolis that is Istanbul. Istanbul je jedinstveno i prelepomesto i zaista ga toplo preporučujem svima This is a completely unique and beautiful place to visit that I really must recommend to everyone