DEST INACI JA / DEST INAT ION 100 | Istanbul » Istanbul It was October and Belgrade had already started feeling like autumn, whichwaswhy I decided that I’d love to visit a city I’d never seen before. My friends and I finally agreed to travel to Istanbul, catching a direct Air Serbia flight from Belgrade. The flight went amazingly well and we soon landed at the new Istanbul Airport. I was instantly amazed by the size and modern architecture of the airport, which looked as though it had been sent back fromthe future. The hotel was very close to the famous Hagia Sophia mosque, which I decided to visit that same day. Hagia Sophia isn’t only one of themost important Byzantine structures in Istanbul, but also one of theworld's greatestmonuments. Built in the 6th century as a Christian church, at the behest of Byzantine emperor Justinian I, it later became amosque, then amuseum, and then amosque again. I was left feeling awestruck by the beauty and power of this structure. Walking through AS SE EN BY AN A I R SE R B I A CAB I N CR EW MEMB E R How I fell in love with Istanbul at first sight After my visit to Istanbul, my wish was to return very soon, and to bring all my friends, so that they can also feel and fall in love with this amazing place. There’s nothing better than discovering cities like this by yourself and with your loved ones me scan