96 | Stokholm » Stockholm DEST INACI JA / DEST INAT ION EXP LOR E 1 4 B EAU T I F U L STAT I ONS Underground beauty awaiting your discovery The Stockholmmetro system is said to be one of the world’s longest art exhibitions - 110 kilometres long. Travelling on this metro railway is like travelling through an exciting story that extends from the artistic pioneers of the 1950s to the art experiments of today STOCKHOLM’S METRO SYSTEM IS TRULY UNIQUE. ITS HUNDRED stations each have unique art on platforms, walls or waiting halls. Artists have played a key role indecorating newly built stations since 1957. And gradually themetro’s older stations –which were planned and built without any art – have been spruced up with beautiful statues, murals and installations. All you have to do is pay for a ticket to ride the Stockholm metro. To add some spice to what you’ve T-Centralen, poznat i kao Plava platforma, bio je prva stanica koja je predstavila umetnička dela T-Centralen, known also as the Blue platform, was the first station to feature artwork Putnik na platformi stanice metroa na plavoj liniji A passenger on the platform of the subway station on the Blue Line