Iako dve potpuno različite priče, i Šanel i Dior su u svoje priče ubacile i čistokrvne konje, da li kao simbol aristrokratije ili slobode, nije bitno. Bitno da se vraćamo prirodi Despite being two completely different stories, both Chanel and Dior included thoroughbred horses in their stories, and it’s irrelevant whether they did so to symbolise aristocracy or freedom. What’s important is that we’re returning to nature Osavremenjena linija čuvenog new look stila prilagođena današnjim potrebama Amodernised line of the famous “New look” style adapted to contemporary needs DURING TOUGH TIMES, SOMETHING MAGICAL LIKE TAROT CARDS can help us, suggested Maria Grazia Chiuri during the unveiling of this haute couture collection of fashion house Dior. We can’t help but notice that, although she has taken a completely different approach compared to the new Chanel collection, both Virginie and Maria turned to the rich heritage of their respective fashion houses. Dior’s fairy tale takes place in a castle, with the collection shown through a film in which a girl follows tarot cards as she moves through the chambers of the castle changing gowns, while she also traverses a personal labyrinth in which she must meet herself and learn that she shouldn’t fear the future. The actual collection is is fairly renaissance in style, with lots of corsets, high waisted designs, brocades and subtle dresses. Every collection also carries within it a prediction of what consumers will really want to wear, and this time Maria predicts and proposes long pleated dresses made of silk lame fabric, plush draped dresses, overcoats adorned with embroidery and crystal jewellery, feathers and flowers. It interprets the aristocratic spirit in the form of gold jacquard trousers. This will be quite an unusual season, interwoven with joy and mystique. DIOR'S FAIRY TALE IN A CASTLE Chanel & Dior » Šanel&Dior | 57