Poetry » Poezija | 39 Jedan od autora koji je svoje umeće sa rečima dugo kombinovao sa besprekornom tajnovitošću je Atticus One of those authors who long combined his abilities with words with impeccable secrecy is Atticus POE T RY I N T HE D I G I TA L AGE Hownetworks have brought verse back into our daily lives The phenomenon of Instagrampoets - who are usually also simultaneously Twitter haiku authors and Pinterest poets – is one of the surprising side effects of the selfie era Regardlessofwhat reputed literarycritics think of theirworks andunconventional approach, they have brought attention to all the authenticity of poetic expression. “Instagram poets” are (you guessed it) thosewhowisely combine the internet’s insatiable need for inspirational quotes at the right time with skilfully devised visuals and hipster typography – so your finger simply moves towards the “share” option on its own. One of those authors who long combined his abilities with words with impeccable secrecy is Atticus. His approach is distinctlyminimalist even among his fellow Instagrampoets. He has a tendency to refrain from the use of adjectives and descriptions, preferring to remain very abstract, even now that his true identity has been revealed. Many of his poems consist of only one line, yet they still touch the essence. He mostly writes about love, sadness – and sunsets. The majority of his verses project an aura of extreme emotional fragility and utilise the cadence of inspiring literature, paying homage to classical authors. There is also intriguing Toronto-based poet Rupi Kaur, whose poetry and prose collectionMilk andHoney has also been translated into Serbian. Her inspiring story about emigration in Canada changes the form of Instagram poetry as something that has a soft focus, separating it from the stereotype of sentimental notes created to end up as cute quotes on Valentine’s Day cards. She chooses, without fail, a sensitive topic and doesn’t beat about the bush in describing her feelings. One of her creative habits is to accompany every poem with a drawing, and these artistic footnotes are often far from poetic. The renaissance of poetry in formats for new media is also being recorded in our area. Radmila Petrović’s verses from the collection “My Mother Knows What’s Happening in the Cities” (which went viral on its own) were re-written by designer Jana Oršolić in her own style, making them an Instagram attraction and thus helping themto continue their journey to future readers. Verses are ideal for social networks in a way, because all the enigmas of our everyday life fit in just a few words. They perhaps aren’t reading material in a classical form, but that does not make them less significant. For all those who are concerned that the younger generations just stare at their iPhones - this provides a new, more human dimension to the blue light of the screenwhere time spent is crowned with likes. It would seemby all accounts that in the future we will interpret theseverses as theultimate literary expressionof the era.