50 | Putujte sa stilom » Travel in style MODA FASHION Travel comfortably, but with style Flying by plane may have long since become commonplace, but it still carries the spirit of glamour and a touch of adventure. That’s why choosing an outfit for a journey should be cleverly devised to ensure you feel good and comfortable, but also exciting and luxurious. CASUAL AND EFFORTLESS, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME comfortable for several hours of sitting and resistant to creases, is a winning combination. New trends favour us in that regard, and it’s up to you to find the golden ratio between the “I fell asleep and ran hastily” and the refined look worthy of the catwalk. Here we offer the look of famous ladies who spend more time on planes than at home, which ensures they’ve mastered the fashion tricks that guarantee both style and comfort. 1. Sporting luxury and new sophistication should be stylisticdeterminants.Once you put together your travel fashion out t itwill last you for years,with occasional freshening up. Invest inagoodsashandahigh-quality light, long cardigan, while youprobablyalreadyhaveeverything else. 2. Your rst association with travel should be trousers. Soft, comfortable, stretchyor slightlywide. ere’snothingworse than tight trousers that squeeze your thighs and knees. If you like jeans, go for theboyfriendcut, and if you really want a skinny model, besurethat theyarestretchy. Tight trousers and longperiods sittingwill notmake you feel good. An option that’s without mistakes is casual, silk wide-legged trouserswith a funprint, accompanied by a tight t-shirt. 3. Leggings also top the list. Soft, exible, and also a model which allows the skin to breathe. Wear them with a long top, tunic or short dress that covers thehips. e longupperpart is primarily responsible for a decent look, and secondly for a feminine look. 4. Layers are another thing. ey provide a balance between an excellent look and practical clothing. Even if you are travelling to tropical climes, it’s not so hot aboard the plane. A few extra layers are welcome between departure, ying aboardanair-conditionedplane and upon reaching your destination. You can wrap and unwrap yourself in them as you wish. 5. Atopwitha relaxedcut, soft and light, will not restrict 1 profimedia.rs