Travel in style » Putujte sa stilom | 51 you and create stress. It can be cotton, silk or thin knit. Avoid topsmadeof solidmaterials that crack, as they are guaranteed to become creased, so you will arrive lookingwrinkled,which is just whatyouwanttoavoid.Precedence should always be given to long or three-quarter length sleeves. 6. Asash/scarf takesonawholenewdimensionwhenitcomes to fashionat 10,000metres. Alargeshawlorsashwrappedaroundyourneckwillkeepyouwarm, while you can also cover yourself with it,wrap it to forma small pillow, cover your eyes. And if you don’t need it, you can pack it in your purse. 7. A jacket, saya leather oneor a long cardigan, shouldalready be on your list. Even blazers aren’t as rigid and sti as they used to be, so a model with a relaxed cut, accompanied by comfortable pants and a nice t-shirt, should be considered. 8. Dresses, of course, aren’t undesirable, but youshould consider how comfortable they are for a long journey. Long, wide models are su ciently comfortable, and certainly alsoattractive, so if you are really keen on arriving at your destination in a dress, it should be such a style – wide and oral. 9. We’vearrivedat shoes. ere should be no alternative to models with closed toes. Forget high heels and consider sports shoes, super-trendy moccasins or at shoes with laces. 10. Finally, youneedasmart handbag that can be closed and at the same time easily accessed to extract or pack things. 1. Nepogrešiva Sindi Kroford, džins i rokerka 2. Košulja i mokasine? Da kad ih nosi Naomi Vots 3. Kjara Feranji od dve boje napravi priču 4.Tašna je glavni adut Mendi Mur 5. Emili Ratajkovski bira maksi 6. Atležer u punom sjaju u izvodjenju Hajdi Klum 1. The impeccableCindy Crawford - jeans and a rocker jacket 2. Awhite blouse and moccasins? Yes, whenworn by Naomi Watts 3. Chiara Ferragni create a story from two colours 4. A handbag is the trump card of MandyMoore 5. Emily Ratajkowski chooses amaxi dress 6. Athleisure in its full glory, as interpreted by Heidi Klum 2 3 4 5 6