New York » Njujork | 101 RightsMovement.Mostwealthy residents left theneighbourhood after the real estate crash of the 1930s, and soon after people from the South came seeking work in the city and moved to Harlem. Harlem is, of course, renowned for its musical history. And there is still plenty to do and see in that regard. You should certainly visit the illustrious Apollo Theater on 125th Street, between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 7th Avenue. It is also very nice to do a Gospel Tour in Harlem, where walking into a church on a Sundaymorning will certainly be an unforgettable experience. Visit the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Striver’s Row, the ApolloTheater, the Schomburg Center for Research into Black Culture, Hotel Theresa, sites associated with Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many others. Thenbe sure toopt for the traditional African-American cuisine known as Soul Food. It is a lot like the food available in the Southern states of America (Louisiana, Mississippi etc.). With fried chicken, sweet potatoes and beans, it isn't the kind of food to eat if you're on a diet. A new place and hotspot in the area is Red Rooster Harlem, situated on 126th Street and Lenox Avenue. Walk down a block further on the same street to Sylvia’s Restaurant and enjoy real Soul Foodwith a rich history. Many streets and avenues inHarlemare co-named after its famous leaders and residents, like Lenox Avenue co-named Malcolm X Boulevard., 125th Street conamed Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard., and Eighth Avenue co-namedFrederickDouglass Boulevard…Walk those streets and remember these greats… Posetite crkvu u nedelju ujutro Walk into a church on a Sunday morning iStock / deberarr iStock / Bim