Trends » Trendovi | 61 VS Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije/Photography: Profimedia.rs NEW GU I SE FOR AN OL D C L ASS I C Jackets versus sweatshirts: Fashion battle of the decade We finally expelled formal suits from our wardrobes, only to free them of standards and embrace them again, albeit in a different interpretation ma podiglo je trenerke i odeću za kuću na viši modni nivo, a ipak na ulicama kao da nikad više ljudi nije nosilo sako. U čemu je tajna? Verovatno u tome što sako opstaje, ali na nov način, prilagođen trendovima koje diktira ulična moda. Sada jeefektan, glomazan,udoban, nosi se sa čim god poželite i umestostege,postajekulkomadkoji uobličava kombinaciju kao trešnja na torti. Ležerno je ključna reč, a nošenje sakoa uz opuštene pantalone nalik trenerci, helankama ili kežual haljinama postaje stan- DUKS A SILENT REBELLION AGAINST SUIT JACKETS AND SUITS as obligatory business and formal garb started a few years before the pandemic led to us being locked in our homes.The desire for a comfortable, practical but effective and attractivewardrobe has led to the emergence of several styles, fromnormcore to the generally accepted athleisure style. Previously strict corporatedress codes have become softer andmore pliable, so instead of a tight-fitting suit jokingly referred to as a “9 to 5” suit, it has become accepted that shirts and trousers are sufficiently formal.Thephenomenonof the suit and its role incontemporary times is considered so interesting that even fashion magician and famous designerGiorgioArmani has provided his own opinion. He naturally believes that the suit will never disappear fromthe fashion scene, and that it can also represent the perfect outfit for today‘s faster generations who are always on the move. He considers that it’s only a matter of how they areworn and placedwithin one‘s existing wardrobe. Extended time spent in the home has elevated tracksuits and clothes designed for wear in the home to a higher level of fashion, while on the streets it seems as though there have never beenmore people wearing suit jackets. What‘s the secret? Probably in the fact that the jacket endures, although it does so inanewway that‘s adapted to the trends dictated by street fashion.