KULTURA / CULTURE 30 | Oskar » Oscar The organisers of the Academy Awards, the highlight of the film season, were ready to cancel the ceremony in the middle of last year, due to new films not being shown in cinemas, with the exceptions of a fewblockbusters.That’s because, according to a pre-existing rule, inorder for afilmtoqualify for nomination it has tohave beenon the repertoire of cinemas for at least twoweeks. Considering that the novel coronavirus is still circulating, the Academy has set a precedent. Specifically, films that debuted on streaming services or PVOD (premiumvideo on demand) nowhave equal candidate status with titles that premiered in cinemas. This has provided streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple+, HBO Max and Hulu, the opportunity to compete for major categories and potential awards. Although there has been speculation since last November about who potential nominees for the Oscars Everything is changing, including theOscars Back in March 2020, when it still seemed like the pandemic couldn’t last long, film companies and festivals weren’t particularly concerned. However, with the passing months it became increasingly clear that the rules of the game in the seventh art had to change. And change they have… MINARI Korejsko-američka drama o korejskoj porodici koja želi da ostvari čuveni američki san A Korean-American drama about a Korean family who desire to realise the famous “American dream” MANK Netfixov filmDejvida Finčera o zlatnoj eri Holivuda i drami iza kamere kultnog klasika Građanin Kejn David Fincher’s Netflix film, about the golden era of Hollywood and the behind-the-scenes drama of the cult classic Citizen Kane