Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 15 Wild Durmitor is breathtaking National Geographic magazine this year included Montenegro on its list of must-see countries, because of - as they say - its snowcapped mountains, crystal clear lakes, rivers, charming cities and convivial locals. And we are taking you to the magnificent, wild, snow-covered Durmitor. Northern Montenegro has been among the favourite tourist destinations in recent years, especially at this time, when reinforcements have arrived at the ski centres of Kolašin 1450 and Savin kuk on Durmitor. The Kolašin 1600 ski centre is located on Bjelasica, at an altitude of 1,600 metres above sea-level, while its six-seat cable car carries skiers to an altitude of 2,035 metres and the very top of Troglav. Apart from skiing, Žabljak and Durmitor mountains, which are specific due to their beauty and which have glacial lakes located at 2,000 metres above sea-level, also offer active holidays in nature, even during winter. Hikes and winter climbs are just two of the activities enjoyed by visitors, and we shouldn’t forget the culinary specialities of that part of Montenegro - whipped kačamak porridge and leafy cheese, which will warm you during cold days. A picnic excursion from Black Lake to Katun provides an opportunity to feel the might of the Durmitor mountain massif without climbing its demanding peaks. The terrain to Lokvica itself slowly rises and is rich in forms of karst eroFoto: iStock / Extreme photographer Foto: iStock / Istankov Više od 60 planinskih vrhova je pod zaštitom nacionalnih parkova / Over 60mountain peaks are under the protection of national parks sion: the winter trek, thus, passes through karst troughs and sinkholes, with several undulations in altitude. The first part of the ascent, or the last part of the descent, winds through the dense coniferous forest above the lake, without broad slopes that would turn the descent into an enjoyable run. Snowshoes are therefore a good choice to help you traverse this landscape as easily as possible and to ensure you spend a fantastic time in this pristine winter wilderness. You can also opt for a short ski-touring hike along Savin Kuk ridge. Savin Kuk [Sava’s Hip] is recommended for everyone who’s just getting started with turbo skiing. There is a height difference of barely 200 metres from the last cable to the top, while the close proximity of the ski resort provides a sense of security.