Decembar 2021

KULTURA / CULTURE Series » Serija | 39 MEATPACKINGDISTRICT Located on the far west side of Manhattan, it borders Chelsea to the north and the West Village to the south This part of the city is today farmore popular than it used to be and ismostly known to tourists and younger audiences for theHigh Line elevated urban linear park, which was created on the remains of a former freight railroad. This part of New York is today surrounded by numerous restaurants and bars, while – judging by Instagram – the park itself is among the city’s most frequently photographed locations. The Meatpacking District became popular in the series when Samantha moved there from the Upper East Side, though it had a very different appearance back then. CARRIE’S APARTMENT 66 Perry Street We all remember the cult apartment where Carrie wrote her famous column and stored all her shoes, but also endured romantic dramas. Filming ended near that apartment in the West Village, so it is suspected that her relationship with Big is again hit by troubles in the new season. Although the building’s entrance remains popular among tourists, residents have spent years fighting for their privacy, which is why it can now only be photographed from afar. In reality, with her job as a newspaper columnist, Carrie could hardly afford to live here, let alone end up buying it. However, the entire series maintains a very thin line between reality and fantasy... MAGNOLIA BAKERY 401 Bleecker Street This now globally renowned bakery owes its fame entirely toCarrieBradshaw. If you recall the timeMiranda andCarriefirst discussedAidanwhilemunchingmuffins in front of a little bakery, that’s this same bakery, which now boasts over 20 locations worldwide. It has gone from a small business to a franchise, all thanks to one cake and a story about an ex-boyfriend. It was back in 2007 that Magnolia’s owners decided to make a special cupcake in honour of Carrie Bradshaw, and you can now find the recipe online. BARNEYS NEWYORK 660Madison Avenue If there’s anything that we associate with Carrie Bradshaw inNewYork, then that wouldbe shopping. At any time of day or night, or season of the year, whether she had enough money of not, Carrie would visit exclusive stores and even set aside an entire month’s salary to buy the latest pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales are just some of the department stores where she found Chanel purses or Prada dresses, but no retailer was as loyal to the series as Barneys, which dedicated an entire window display exclusively to her character. BARNIS NJUJORK BARNEYS NEWYORK KERIN STAN CARRIE’S APARTMENT FOTO: Alex Segre / Alamy FOTO: Dan Callister / Shutterstock Editorial