42 | Štaočekujeteododeće?Kad je kreirate, nosite, kupujete, prodajeteilividitesvojukreaciju na ulici? – Najsrećnija sam kad vidim svoju kreaciju na ulici kako započinje samostalan život. Omiljenabojavamjefuksija,asimbol srce.Kojeznačenje imaju za vas? – Zamene je ciklama boja puna fantazije i energije. Simbol srca kojikoristimjenesavršen,predstavlja lepotuposebnosti inesavršenog sveta koji nas okružuje. Šta za vas znači održivost? –To je u stvari životni san. Izuzetno samsrećna što ekološka pitanja konačnoprivlače pažnju javnogmnjenja. Svaka industrijatreba da preispita svoju trenutnu praksu, pravac koji je preduzela u ime rasta – ne samo modna industrija. Pitanje održivosti treba da se rešava sistemski, uz veliku podršku sa više strana. Konačno shvatamo da je to stvar koja se više ne može odlagati, od toga zavisi naša budućnost. Bili steuSrbiji iponovo joj se vraćate. Kako izgledaju ljudi ovde, da linašedameprate modne trendove? – Bila sam veoma impresionirana tokom svojih poseta Srbiji uglavnomzbog ljubaznosti i optimizma vaših ljudi. Šta je u Srbiji ostavilo najjači utisak na vas? – Nikada neću zaboraviti bogatu gozbu uz folklornu muziku, koja raduje sva čula. She uni ed art and design, remained true to herself and her style, while simultaneously achieving commercial success. Her creations are on display in all important art galleries andmuseumsworldwide. She stepped into the world of fashion in 1981. Her rst collection proved so successful that she soon opened her own shop in theSpanishcapital andbeganparticipating in fashion shows inMadrid and Barcelona. The brand bearing her name has expanded since 1986 to encompass a wide range of products – from fashion accessories, perfumes and furniture, to various gadgets – that are available in exclusive design outlets in Madrid, Paris, Milan and NewYork. Her products are today sold in over 150 countries. And that’s not all, as she’s also designed uniforms for various companies, costumes for opera and ballet, and evenChristmas lights. She is known for collaborations with other brands, which she loves because they allow her to deal only with design. She presented her new collection at Serbia Fashion Week inNovi Sad. Sherevealed to us what drives her, how she experiences fashion, andwhy sustainability shouldbe the bottom line in contemporary life. Collections from your multicoloured universe of creativity always exude optimism and love. What can you tell us about the new collection that you presented at Serbia Fashion Week? - It’s a compilation of several of my latest commercial collections.Thetheme running through all pieces is athleisure. Comfortable and contemporary pieces that help make it easier for you to navigate all the activities of modern life. Some of my characteristicmotifs, such as psychedelic prints, imperfect stripes, hearts and fried eggs, all introduce dynamics thanks to their colours. Whatdoyouassociatewiththeterm fashion trend? - During one of my most recent visits to NewYork, I had the impression that everyone I saw on the street was going to the gym, as everyone was dressed in clothes for training. Fascinated by this trend, I decided to incorporate it into my latest collection. The point is in adapting to the world around us in all of its fantastic potential. You’re known for collaborating withmanybrands. You’vedesigned watches for Swatch, footwear for Camper, house décor details, furniture etc. What does collaboratingwithother brandsmean to you? - I loveworkingwithother brands, individuals and artists. Dialogue in any form impacts positivelyon the creativeprocess. Personally, I particularly enjoy the challenge brought byworkingwith someone completely unexpected, the challenge of adapting to a new environment, object, and a new way of thinking. What do you expect from clothing – when you create it, wear it, buy it, sell it, or when see your creation on the street? - I’mhappiest when I seemy creation on the street, starting an independent life Your favourite colour is fuchsiaand your favourite symbol is the heart. Whatmeaningdotheyhaveforyou? - Cyclamen is a colour that’s full of fantasy and energy for me. The heart symbol that I use is imperfect, representing the beauty of specialness and the imperfect world that surrounds us. What does sustainability mean to you? - That’s actually a life-long dream. I’mextremelyhappy that environmental issuesare nallyattractingtheattention of the public. Every industry needs to rethink its current practises and the direction it has taken in the name of growth – andnot just the fashion industry.The issue of sustainability needs to be addressed at a systemic level, with great support from various sides. Finally, we realise that this is a thing that can’t be delayed for long, as it is somethingonwhichour futuredepends. You’ve been to Serbia and are returning. How do people look here; doour ladies followfashion trends? - I was very impressed duringmy visits to Serbia, mainly due to the kindness and optimism of people in your country. What left the strongest impression on you in Serbia? - I will never forget the rich feast accompanied by folk music, which brings joy to all the senses.