| 111 Saturday 16th November at Nikola Tesla Airport saw almost 40 fans of aviation photography wait with anticipation for the o cial start of the rst Spotters Day organised by Belgrade Airport, with their wait culminating in access granted to aircraftmanoeuvring areas for the rst time. Twopositionsweremade available fromwhich spotters were able to take photos, and have a chance to monitor part of the daily activities of this very dynamic environment, with close and direct views of take-o s, landings, aircraft pre- ight preparations and all other happenings in the everyday life of the airport, for the rst time. With the organising of this global event, NikolaTesla Airport joined the group of 22 other airports of in the VINCI network that have opened their doors tophoto enthusiasts. “I am very happy to be part of such an event, which - I hope - will become a tradition in the future. This is a nice chance for us to meet and enjoy a hobby that we all love and that is yet to gain popularity in Serbia,” said one of the participants in the Spotters Day. Spotters spent a few hours “behind the airport fence”, having been granted a unique opportunity to take photos of more than 30 take-o s and landings from the closest distance. To their mutual delight, the spotters also had the opportunity to visit the Belgrade Airport re ghting crew and see a demonstration of state-of-the-art re ghting equipment. This special day ended with our guests playing a friendly football match with the Nikola Tesla Airport Futsal team. The goal of this event was to bring the airport closer to aviation fans, while it also had a competitive character at the global level. By sharing their photographs on social networks, themore than400participants of the Spotters Day in10 countries inwhich VINCI Airports operates had an opportunity to win a grand prize of two photo cameras. The winner of the grand prize will be decided on the basis of the number of likes, but also the decision of a special committee. We hope that interest in the next Spotters Day event will be even greater and that it will provide an opportunity for some new enthusiasts who share our love of photography and aviation to participate in this exceptional event. Cilj ovog događaja bilo je približavanje aerodroma ljubiteljima vazduhoplovstva The goal of this event was to bring the airport closer to the aviation fans