Around sunset Gather your guests together before the sun sets, so that you can all enjoy that gorgeous “golden hour” together: themaximum Instagramable time of the day, when the sky takes on that purple hue and the daily hustle and bustle turns into an exciting evening. Let light tell its own story - rows of lamps, candles placed in simple glasses or colourful lanterns are just some of the tried and tested ways to create the most beautiful atmosphere at dusk. And in order to colour the evening with music, choose unexpected genres - the Radiooooo app is like a digital jukebox that enables you to choose songs on the basis of country or decade of origin, as opposed to the ordinary division into genres and titles. And there can be nothing without a wireless speaker! is technological achievementwillmake garden parties even more fun, and we especially like retro designmodels like those offered by the legendary Marshall brand. Make an effort with the décor From flowers picked from the garden to a display cabinet featuring grandma's porcelain, ensure your immediate surroundings are filled with design elements that will amaze everyone attending your al fresco party. Group together randomly picked wildflowers in rustic jars and place them in the middle of the dining table. Write out seating name cards for everyone by Party time » Zabava | 87 hand and place them on plates, then intermix cutlery and dishes to create the impression of eclectic elegance. e key is in contrast - antique plates will become even more pronounced when placed on richly textured linen placemats. Bamboo and rattan details, in the formof napkin holders and bread baskets, are always a good idea, because they provide everything with a relaxed vibe. In order tomake the seating as comfortable as possible, add cushions to your folding chairs, as well as light blankets in case it gets chilly. Conjure up a menu It is best for these kinds of celebrations to serve meals that can easily be shared between those in attendance, such as large bowls of Italian pasta like penne with pesto or spaghetti with garlic and olive oil, colourful Mediterranean salads with couscous or bulgur wheat, slices of sausage with olives and parmesan, refreshing dips and hummus with crunchy vegetables. Find inspiration in cookbooks like A Table in Venice by Skye McAlpine, which is rich with scenes of poetic spreads. When it comes to refreshment, place everything on wheels! A small garden bar on a mobile trolley, loaded with bowls of ice and jugs of limonana, is crucial to ensuring that guests are always refreshed. And to conclude - combine vanilla ice cream with large chunks of dark chocolate and forest fruits to create the easiest and fastest dessert. Rows of lamps, candles placed in simple glasses or colourful lanterns are just some of the tried and tested ways to create the most beautiful atmosphere at dusk Naša bajka o brendu počinje 2017. godine kada smo ljubiteljima kvalitetnih parfema predstavili unikatne niche parfeme. Prve prodavnice otvorene su u gradovima čija istorija ne prestaje da nas inspiriše, a to su Beograd, Tivat, Budimpešta i Skoplje. Ljubav prema jedinstvenompomogla nam je da našu strast prema luksuznimparfemima i kozmetičkimproizvodima prenesemo i na region. Dobro došli u Belodore, kuću dobrihmirisa, koja vamod 19. 7. otvara vrata na novoj adresi – Bokeška 37, Podgorica. Our brand fairy tale began in 2017 when we opened the door to quality perfume fans and presented themwith the best among the best - unique niche perfumes. The first shops were brought to life in cities whose history never ceases to inspire us, such as Belgrade, Tivat, Budapest, and Skopje. Creativity, persistence, love of art and uniqueness helped us transfer our passion for luxury perfumes and cosmetics to other countries in the region. Welcome to Belodore, the house of unique scents, BELODORE, KUĆA DOBRIHMIRISA BELODORE, THE HOUSE OF UNIQUE SCENTS which opens its doors from July 19th at the new address - Bokeška 37, Podgorica. Visit our Belodore perfumery in Podgorica!