LAJFSTAJ L L I FESTYLE We’re nowentering the sumptuous finale of the summer season – with plenty of time left until the start of autumn to consolidate the material of enjoyment, clarify the required reading of hedonism and score points in good times. And to that end, immediately under the letter A comes the sweet ease of an open-air party, known as “Al fresco”. And even though it has been completely clear to us since childhood that everything is always more beautiful in nature, we sometimes forget that as adults – thus a cordial get-together under the open sky with people who are dear to us, complete with light snacks, warmwords, an intimate atmosphere and properly chilled drinks, is something that we all need more than ever before. Here are the essential rules for an outdoor gathering that guests will adore. Choose a location and theme First and foremost, for a good al fresco party you need a location that’s equally free and intimate. A larger balcony, small yard, summer cottage on the outskirts of town or someone's raft/barge – all of these are options that are in play. Once you confirm the location of your event, you will be able to harmonise the décor with the theme. Every al fresco party should have a surprise element – that could be a tropical dress code, like Hawaiian shirts for men and sarong skirts for women, or a motif that will connect different guests – such as, for instance, a Mediterranean dinner in white for the crew that you met on last year’s summer holiday. EVEN I NGS T HAT YOU ’ L L NEVE R FORGE T Al fresco forever! Strategies for soirees under the starry sky that you can even organise if you live in a city 86 | Zabava » Party time