MODA FASHION 58 | Moda » Fashion SMOOT H , S I L KY, GOL DEN Strawas a new fashion ace Don your straw hat, slip on your raffia slippers or sandals and swing your straw handbag. And whether all of that accompanies a dress or a swimsuit depends on the occasion for which you’re preparing... Nothing declares the arrival of summer as clearly and loudly as details woven from straw, raffia or reeds. Basket bags for the beach have spent the last several seasons slipping into urban combinations by the back door. ey’ve also received their own upmarket variants signed by famous designers, in the form of small elegant purses, but also large, carryall tote bags complete with leather details that provide an urban note. ey come in the most varied shapes, from geometric ones that resemble small suitcases to rounded ones that appear like small saddle bags. And nothing provides that seaside vibe like a woven bag. And then add a hat. One with a large brim. After a few decades when they were considered excessively bourgeois and found themselves almost expelled from the fashion world, we’ve learned to wear them again, with that obligatory dose of leisureliness and mellowness that’s essential to ensuring you don‘t appear ridiculous. All hat types are at play - from the famous fedora to those with large brims, but also caps Prozračna i prirodna, ali otporna na vodu, slama je bolji izbor za morski aksesoar od plastičnih komada Translucent and natural, but also water resistant, straw is a better choice than plastic items when it comes to seaside accessories and sun hats. Also arriving are the types of straw slippers and sandals that could once only be bought in small craft shops by the sea and exotic destinations in high street shops. And given that they’re comfortable, made of natural material and have an interesting texture, we probably won‘t have to wait long for them to conquer the streets. It’s somewhat ironic that accessories associated with the Riviera, luxury holidays or leisurely strolls through old coastal towns are made of straw, which is still considered waste and accordingly burned in some places. So, straw accessories also gain an adFOTO iStock, Anastasiia Krivenok FOTO iStock, Jun