Fashion » Moda | 59 Lagana, prozračna, prirodna, divne zlataste boje i glatka na dodir, slama nije novost umodi, ali se definitivno preselila sa plaža u grad Light, translucent and natural, with a beautiful golden hue and smoothness of touch, straw is nothing new to fashion, but it has definitely relocated from the beach to the city vantage by being environmentally friendly. Outfitsmade of strawhave yet to take off, although they were playfully attempted by famous designers Jean Paul Gaultier, in his 2006 collection, and Alexander McQueen, in 2011, who created a corset dress of interwoven straw and designs combining straw and textiles. But we’re nowwitnessing the arrival of Bio2™! is is a material that’s produced from straw fibres just as cotton fabrics are produced from raw cotton. Introduced only recently, it is still in the experimental phase and thus hasn’t yet entered into mass production. Finnish designer Rolf Ekroth, the creator of this innovative material, presented a men‘s collection made from materials produced by a special method of processing straw. According to him, the process of producing straw textiles is less damaging to the environment than the processing of cotton, while there are huge resources available – as straw is a by-product of wheat, barley, rye and oats. ere is a little more research ahead, but we’ll soon be wearing straw dresses instead of cotton ones. In a fashion sense, we’ve already exonerated straw accessories, and we hope that straw outfits will soon follow. In the meantime, however, we can rejoice in items of furniture and details produced from natural materials. As movements that strive to reduce the polluting of the planet gain momentum and we raise our awareness of our own responsibilities, so designers serve up trends to decorate our homes with natural materials, as well as accompanying home accessories. So, perhaps you could just add a small basket for sundries, arrange flowers in a basket instead of a decorative pot, or buy a rattan floor mat. You could buy a chair or chest of drawers decoratedwith Spanish reeds, or cane balcony furniture. And will the future textile industry be able to rely on straw as a new source of environmentally friendly raw materials? at’s something we’ve yet to see... FOTO iStock, RASimon FOTO iStock, Dontstop