Trends » Trendovi | 55 reč je o odeći nastaloj mešanjemdnevnih i ležernih komada This is about clothes created by blending day wear and casual pieces Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije / Photography: Profimedia.rs Comfortable clothes are expected to play a major role this year, as part of the transitional aesthetic called “athflow”. These are clothes that you can wear for a zoom virtual business meeting when you want to be comfortable We're all looking forward to returning to the real world, with the announcement of mass vaccinations, and if there's something we really started to miss then that would be wearing “proper” clothes. We spent last year in sweatshirts and pyjamas, and that was far from not being nice for us, but the time has come to return to normal. The style that's been announced as the dominant one for this year is called athflow, and it's ideal for a fashion transition to tailored pieces. This refers to cardigans inwhich you canwrap yourself up, leisurely jumpsuits, fluttering trousers and oversized clothing, but worn in a much more feminine and sophisticated way. In short, this is about clothes created by blending day wear and casual pieces. Athflow is bulky enough to be comfortable, but is still sufficiently elegant. Try combining wide trousers and a vest with a long cardigan, or comfortable yoga pants with cotton hoodies and elegant sports shoes. The same story includes dresses, which have comfortable colours but aren't boring. The only thing that matters is that it isn't tight. However, youmust take care to achieve a feminine style. Always take proportions into account, in order to remain within the boundaries of the feminine. If trousers are wide, the upper part of the body should have either a short or narrow piece, or one with accentuated floral patterns. And of course tight trousers look great with long shirts. Dresses with ruffles should be worn with a tailored suit jacket. If you have something with an elastic and stretchable waistband, be sure to wear a wide belt. Regardless of how bulky blouses and shirts are, they must fit at the shoulders. And you can round off the whole story with short boots, elegant sports shoes or moccasins. Something you can easily walk in. When you've defined such a wardrobe for yourself, details come into play. Hats, jewellery, handbags and scarves, everything that will add a touch of femininity and elegance. ATHFLOW AS A FASHION METAMORPHOSIS