KULTURA / CULTURE 32 | Endi Vorhol » Andy Warhol MUSEUMSQUART I E R , V I ENNA Misfitting Together. With AndyWarhol “I was reflecting that most people thought the Factory was a place where everybody had the same attitudes about everything; the truth was, we were all odds-and-ends, misfits, somehowmisfitting together,” said Andy Warhol, to whomMumok has dedicated as many as three exhibitions TheMumokMuseumhas dedicated asmany as three exhibitions to pop art icon Andy Warhol, who last exhibited at this venue while hewas still alive, in1981, andhis creativeworks arebeingpresented40years later, in an all-encompassing cultural and historical context. The exhibitions “Misfitting Together” (which runs until 25thApril), “AndyWarhol Exhibits” and “Defrosting the Icebox” will present previously lesser known works of this artist and reveal Warhol as a groundbreaking exhibition and installation artist. The exhibitions “Andy Warhol Exhibits” and “Defrosting the Icebox” will run until 30th May. “Andy Warhol Exhibits” will present an overview ANDYWARHOL EXHIBITS A glittering alternative Endi Vorhol: Autoportret Andy Warhol:“Self Portrait” Unidentified Male, 1950 / © The AndyWarhol Museum, Pittsburgh me scan